Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekending + knit + tiny patchwork

It's kinda off the grid week here! I haven't really had time to sit down and sew, sew,sew, but did finished the patchworking that I've been working on early the week.  I was racing with the clock this entire week. oh, then had a little bummer news!

Late Tuesday afternoon, the intercom was buzzed! It was the mail carrier (gotta love that gentleman for the extra effort). The backing fabric for the birthday quilt came (yay)! As I raced downstair to pick up the package then quickly raced to upstair to open up the package and soon realized that it is wrong fabric ( oh, NO!! +catch my breath ) That moment I though I had ordered the wrong print??  Before reached out to the customer service, I had double check on the order mail. Ok, quickly I got on the phone and was able to talked to the customer service. I had described the print received; the design, the colors, and the company. Then the lady who was on the phone told me I could keep the fabric and they will soon mail out a replacement. You know, I had suddenly felt that I am richer by 5 yards of fabric, um.. What to do with them??  Honestly, I didn't know what to do! I waited two days later and made two pillow cases and still have plenty yardage for something else, any suggestions? The replacement will be here, next week and you know where I'll be!

As I though I didn't want or need anything for birthday this year, I actually received my pre-order yarn this week as well. I had placed a pre-order weeks ago and totally forget about this! In back of my mind, I knew I was expecting something, but didn't remember what was it! Gosh, my brain!  These beautiful fingering weighted yarn from House of a la mode is going to become a shawl, someday!  I also ordered a DK weighted to accompanied the other DK weighted yarn. I really love wrapping scarf during the winter season and shawls are just so perfect for me! So far, I really enjoy working with DK weighted yarn!

The Honey Cowl is off the needles last weekend. Right away, I casted on a new cowl, it is alike basket wave. I did knit 5 purl 5, repeat pattern. Not sure if I am doing the right knitting pattern, but I love how it is coming along! It will need few more waves before cast off. I plan on knitting another Honey cowl as soon as the basket wave cowl off needles! It is SO additive and I am getting so comfortable with stitches now!

I have got some new toys needles this week. As I shopped I realized there are so many knitting accessories!!! These needles are for socks knitting! I have been study the socks pattern and though I should jump in rather than study! Oh, the sock pattern I am going for is Rye.  I am actually excited about casting on first sock as I have my eyes on so many pretty yarn and before I dive into yarn-wonderland. I do need to be more skillful for all that prettiness!

I've been knitting a lot lately! These cowls knitting keep me so satisfied! It takes two week to knit one ! Few rows a night and eventually I have them all shape up! I have a list of cowls that I like to knit up and few more shawl patterns to try. I really need to find my time back to sewing once I get that birthday quilt done I should feel so good about it!

Oh, this coming week is going to be a exciting week for me (caught, caught). I will be turning another year old (oh my!) So much to share with you, but would have to wait after blow the candle! For the little celebration, the {Etsy shop} and {Craftsy shop} is marked 30% off on all patterns, no coupon code needed! The promotion will run till October 13th, 9p.m. EST.

more later


  1. You are quite the knitter Chase! I really like the basket weave❤️

  2. Did you order from if yes, they have a best customer service ever, I had a wrong fabric before and they said I can keep the wrong fabric and they send another one without extra money :) its make me rich as well as like you :))))

  3. Chase! Your new found skills as a knitter are amazing! You learned SO quickly! I am knitting the husk cowl! I am making the bigger version to wrap twice around the neck..I dont know if it is MANLY enough for Zach..but, if he likes it, I will make him a matching hat too :) Sending you lots of hugs! Happy upcoming Birthday!

  4. Chase your projects look great! What yarn are you using for your shawl?


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