Sunday, November 5, 2017


It has been a productive week! I can't tell you how many to-dos have been crossed off from the list and it felt so so good! I gave a big pat on my own shoulder and started another cowl (yay)! The new green yarn is celery green, it is just so pretty with slightly yellow blended in between. The new yarn is so much nice to knit with and I should have the new cowl cast off the end of the week!

As the year moving along, I have found myself knowing my ways to shops, places and walking into different stores for ingredients that are specialized. As I get older, I realized that I shopped the way my mama shops. As a child, my mama would go to a particular shop or stand for certain ingredient. She always bought chicken from an older couple as I remember then pork from another middle aged man. She got her veggies from an old lady who grew her own veggies, but mama wouldn't get all veggies from that older lady. She would walk maybe another two streets down and found her other veggies.  

After living in the city, I have slowly discovered places for certain ingredients. I like marinated pork ribs from a small grocery store that is 3 ave walking distance from the bus stop. I can't really tell you how good these pork ribs are, but they are REALLY good! I would get a pound of the ribs and also the fish paste for the soup. I would walk few more blocks up to get the fruits. I've really enjoy shopping fruits on the sidewalk. You might think that I am silly, but I always walk up and down and check on the prices before I stop by the stand. The prices can be really tricky from 1.99 a pound to 2.99 a pound for the same thing.  I guess I just love the number games that the store plays and I am always happy to think that I got the best deal and saved a dollar or two by walking few blocks.  Then you'll probably think me carry hundred of bags and standing on the bus!  oh!  Don't worry!  I always get a seat on the way home because I always walk extra blocks to the first bus stop, so I could get a seat and yes, my small coffee, too!   I could have go on this bus commute stories with you, but you probably will get really annoy by that! But you won't get bored with all the stories, I tell you!

The birthday quilt is done (three cheers)! I used a walking foot for quilting this time and loving it so much! I just love the simplicity of the lines that created the diamond graphics on the back of the quilt.  The backing fabric and you all know that took three attempts to get here! I just love the snowy print and that just help the quiet down the quilt a little!  I don't remember when I started to collect AMH fabrics, but I loved the saturate and versatile colors and bold designs. It has some romanticism in them from color theory! This year, the timing seem so right that I am so ready to make a really bold and saturate quilt for myself and best of all that I could use fabrics that I have in hand and just acquired the backing which was on big sale!

For the quilting label, I had planned on paper-piecing number  3 and 9 (did I really get that old?)  in two of the triangle blocks and incorporated into the quilt top. I knew that I want to leave and keep the backing complete simple, so it can be a reversible quilt. It turned out SO nice! I can't wait to wash the quilt and let it get all wrinkly for winter movie nights!

and my very FIRST shawl is off needle this week and I used wet blocking method. Oh, after the blocking it turns out in a nice size and just perfect wrapping myself twice!  I used 3 DK weight yarn cakes and just play with the colors! Oh, and it is just perfect with my navy wider pants and gray sweaters  ( that's most of my clothes colors anyway). It was really a goal accomplishment for this year as I had "wish" and "hope" to learn to knit then made a shawl!  I really can't wait to cast on the next shawl, but I want to be sure I have the right yarn before I start.  

I've been diving in the kitchen this weekend! I made two chicken pot pies and two lasagnas. These dishes freeze so well and I can simple pop them in the oven and have a quick meal if the time runs short. I had sampling the chicken pot pie for lunch today, um.. so good! I think I could have add more milk and chick broth to make the soup/base a little more running, but maybe the pie itself will turn out alright! As the Fall still remains, dutch baby is being aquired for the weekend. It is such a lovely pancake to make and I always cut extra fresh fruit to go with it. You might want to give this pancake a try! It is an amazing treat for us!

It is chestnut season and have you try any? I found  Korean chestnuts last week on my way home and was so tickle to see these gigantic chestnuts! I have washed and placed them in a baking sheet then set in the oven for 350 degree; bake a good 30 minutes then turn the heat down to 250 degree for another 50 minutes. It is so delicious! It serves well in warm and cold!

Other than the birthday quilt and the shawl, I have made small sewing project in between. I have been pulling fabrics out for the projects and trying to find "that" fabric". I have no idea where is "that"fabric I put away. I just remember it is a floral print and can't really remember the name of the print. It always happen to me and I bet it will "show up" soon! Just don't look for it! 

With the perfect weather, I was able to take photos for the next coming soon sewing pattern! There will be some editing and getting the pattern ready and a proper blog post for it and is coming very soon along with another project I have been working.  I shall talk and share more soon!!  stay turn!



  1. Gorgeous photos as always Chase! What pattern is the shawl you just finished..I love the soft, muted colors you chose..Perfect for Fall! Your Birthday quilt is AMAZING!! Congratulations on so many beautiful finishes!

  2. lovely story and pictures!! such a brilliant idea to give a present for yourself, that will stay forever in your memory... pretty.. pretty quilt, I love it

  3. Oh I really like your birthday is so very pretty. I must say I enjoy your stories so much, very entertaining. I also love Dutch Baby pancakes...perfect for the cooler months and really good in the heat of summer too!Haha. I can't wait to see what your next pattern will be!

  4. Your writing is so engaging that I would love to hear your bus stories :)

  5. Have missed your posts! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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