Thursday, April 30, 2015

Random: Not sew satisfied

I've been friended with miss Seam Ripper for many hours. Lots ripped off threads are everywhere; upstair, downstair, in the staircase, on studio table and the on the kitchen floor. I will pretend I don't see them until later this week.

I am not quiet satisfied with the outcome of the half-sandwhich quilt blocks for a few weeks. The seams are off on many blocks and it was not quiet right! You know, it is alike to an itch in the back and just kinda need to get it! There are total 40 assembled blocks were ripped apart yesterday afternoon and this morning. That means, lots gentle pressing, accurate trimming and picking tiny threads await for me, but I am sure I will be more satisfy when I have it all assemble together again. Then more blocks to make before it's ready! I plan on making a queen size quilt, so we can all share this quilt together!

Oh! Did you know, I really want to pinch myself after I ripped the seams off? Some of the joined seams are loosing up. Making an extra reenforcement is so important from the past lessons that I've learned!

I will be patching all the seams back and getting they all right this time!

More soon!



  1. Yes, you are doing a lot of seam ripping (ugh!), but in the end your hard work and positive attitude will be rewarded.

  2. This sounds like a quilters nightmare. I hope it all comes together a little better from now on.

  3. you are perfectionist :) I wish I have a lot of passion like you ...


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