Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Random: May!

Did you celebrated May basket day? I remember we used to celebrated it when I lived in the small town of Iowa. In that paper basket, there were homemade popcorns, M&M candies, and a piece of homemade sugar cookie and best of all is a little message written on the paper! May used to be a month that seems never swing by fast enough. It always feels so far away when I lived in ND. I was always in layers of clothes by the end of semester and still in layers of clothes at the beginning of the June. Now, here in central south-ish Iowa; windows have been opened, ceiling fans have been spinning, shorts are out and wool blankets are tucked away. Birds are quiet busy talking these days! But all is good!

I can't wait for Sunday to come. I have been adding things to the to-do list. It will be some kind of gardening related projects that I have been fancy to try. Maybe a few planters on the side of the house then plan some tulips for next year. I still give high hopes of some herb pots if I can get any, but don't trust me on this one. I am not a good green thumb, indeed a worse one! Maybe some of you can send your tips on my way! I really need some helps!

After hours of trimming, I finished all the blocks, but you know the true is that I should have waited! I should have waited till I purchase a squared ruler before I started, but it is late! The trimming job isn't too bad, but not perfect! I have been busy pinning them back together and stitch up. The first block looks fine, but really could be better!  On that to-do list also involved a trip to craft store and purchase a squared ruler. I never though I needed one until I started a few projects lately. I think it will help me out with better trimming on the sides. Oh, Yes I get a little bit impatient sometimes!

I have been spinning myself around as well! I am always on the freeway these days! Drive for lots rehearsals and recitals! Oh, I bring all my patchwork pieces with me then sat quietly hand-quilt them. Then I read a few pages of the books that I brought along with, likely quilting books! I am into some vintage patterns lately. Oh, really they are quiet delight to read through. Then I made few more stitches! I bet I would need new prescription for my new glasses this summer!



  1. Hello,
    In May, my grade school would have us dance around the May pole. If done correctly the colorful ribbons attached to the top of the pole would be woven into a braid. Decades later when my daughters were in grade school, they would fill cones made of construction paper with short stem flowers. A handle of string or pipe cleaner would make it into a basket that could be hung on the front door knobs of friends and neighbors. Hanging the flower baskets required stealth as they were suppose to be a surprise gift. Your stack of prints are very posy colored and in keeping with May.
    Happy Spring, Delia in RB

  2. Your stack of pretty prints is like a May bouquet!!!! I wish I had more time for EVERYTHING I want to get done! Including catching up on my favorite blogs:) As far as the garden goes, I don't know what kind of a space you have but herbs grow easily!! Just don't ever plant MINT in the ground...or lemon balm!! They spread like wild fire!!I am making lots of pots this week to put on patio and front porch! And...now is the time to plant summer bulbs Chase! You can plant Asiatic lilies now and they are BEAUTIFUL when in bloom....some of my other favorites are sunflowers, and zinnias..I just fill little peat pots with soil, plant the seeds, and then plant the whole little pot when the seeds are about an inch high! I wish I could share my flowers with YOU!!!! Have a great May:)


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