Thursday, April 23, 2015

Handmade: Patchwork {Love} Zippered Pouches

This is a small limited edition of {Patchwork Love zippered pouches}. It is surely one of my favorite patchwork collection that I handmade for the {shop}. I strived for the fun patchwork concepts! For this limited edition, I tried and incorporated the diamond patchwork piecing with 100% linen! The outcome is perfectly matched well! Elegant and sweet! 

Patchwork piecing and hand-quilting is the signature of most of my works. I have hard time to put all the finishing patchwork pieces onto the machine then assemble up. The hand-quilting process provides extra care of attention to detail; an evident of handmade, which is imperfect in many way! But it really make each of my work as it is! Never can find a second work piece the same! I always pleased when each limited edition closed to the photograph stage; the handmade and the patchwork pieces that I have created is about ready to go out to the world {and nervous at the same time}.

This is a perfect size for traveling and everyday purpose zippered pouch! Lots of time, you'll see me carry mine with SD chips, USB, a few dollar bills, coins and special notes from a sweet person {whom you should have guessed}! 

There are total of five {patchwork love zippered pouches} in this limed edition and I will not produce the same style pouches in the future! I have another three diamond patchwork style pouches will soon to announce. They are onto the final assembling stage, since I have finished the quilting not long ago.

It will be a perfect Mother's Day gift to moms or yourself! Each handmade work from the shop is package with a handmade sewn archival glassine bag then a special handmade {thank you} tag is attached with {quarter inch mark} sticker. If you need to ship this gift to a special someone. I will enclosed a special note for you! All you need to do is leave me a note at "note to seller" box. I'd be happy to make this gift before Mother's Day, within US territory. For international buyers, I can't guarantee the gift will be on time for the Mother's Day, as the international shipping time takes 7-12 days, sometimes it could be longer due to the custom process. However, it is never early or late for gifts from someone!  {I think I am getting a special card this year}!

So, what I have been up to lately? I am getting so closed to finish up the {Daffodil Joy Quilt} then I think I have made my mind on the binding print! Also, I have been working more mini patchwork piecing for the shop and myself! I have more kin-cha-ku coming up, with a bit of fun twist. If you like to make one, pattern can be found {here}. I have been particularly into working with similar hues lately, which will soon to be introduced in next upcoming patchwork limited edition {tomorrow}. 

Thank you for all your support through the shop and here at the blog! You all have been special to me and keep me create and not giving up what I love to do! This  journey has been great with all of you accompanied me!



  1. Oh Chase these pouches are so sweet! You style is so unique - I can usually spot your projects in a pool of pictures because of your hand quilting and vibrant color choices. Your work is always so beautiful and you inspire me to do better within my own work! Mahalo! (Thank you!)

  2. Such lovely pouches, your hand quilting looks exquisite.

  3. I don't see them in your Etsy shop. Do you plan to sell them? I'd like to buy one, so sweet!

  4. I love these.The little bit of lace is a lovely touch too. x


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