Friday, April 10, 2015

WIP: Daffodil Joy

The week has been full with rainy and windy days! I took a road trip yesterday in the stormy weather and glad made it back home safe and sounded! Road trip is really my thing! I could drive 10 hours a day without feeling tired or miserable! I love what come to me on the road and especially this time of the year with all the fresh greens that's come out!  The quick trip result, a quick stop by my favorite shop and discover some awesome feedsack fabric, a quick stop by my must dine-in Mexican restaurant, a few quick stops by friends' house to say hello! I really had wish the weather was better, so I could stay a bit longer, but I had to go!

I though I would not start a new quilt until finish S' birthday quilt and the half-triangle quilt, but I didn't keep that promise up and cut up for a new quilt over last weekending. Yellow prints came to my mind right away! A sort of yellow prints that would coordinate each other well and closed to Daffodil was what I was aiming for! Yellow isn't the color that I use very often. It isn't an attractive color for me, but it surely is a natural color for anyone!

For the background print, I have second twice times myself before I head to the fabric store. I was pulling some black/white low value prints for it, but it would take all the intention I have for the quilt, simple, sunny, and bright! Then, I though of using simple polka-dots, but it didn't speak to me! Then while in the store, I pulled out the Kona white and it was giving high contrast to the yellow, so I went with Kona Snow for that off white balance.

Some of the yellow prints are being collected over the years. I can't tell you that how please I am when I have the first three blocks assembled. It is a Double Irish Chain Pattern. Each square is being cut in 2.5"x2.5" and finished at 2"x2", so the whole block is 10.5"x10.5" and finished at 10"x10".

I also have some other projects to share with you soon! I would like to let you know my second pattern, {Patchwork Jo-Jo pouch/clutch} has been in the {shop}. This pattern contained 40 pages, how-to and step-by-step photos. I wrote up lots tips on how to do some of the sewing and also share lots my favorite patchwork sewing patterns within the pattern. Patchwork Jo-Jo pattern is great for beginning sewers and people who are visually learner! This pattern was done last April and I wasn't ready to release it due to the changes that have made in the reality life.  I simple want to {thank you} for following me along on this challenge journey! It seems like the more I face it the stronger I become! Thank you for all your cheers!

I really can't wait to show you more, but I need to continue this Daffodil Joy before I hand it away.



  1. Daffodil Joy is a perfect name for it! I love it! I'm so impressed by your collection of beautiful yellow fabrics too!

  2. I love your variety of yellow fabrics. I am anxious to see the finished quilt.

  3. I looks very bright, happy and very much like spring!

  4. There must be something about spring and yellow - I'm making a yellow and white quilt too, with a churn dash block. I like all your prints! This is going to be very pretty :)

  5. Love your daffodil beauty! And your new Patchwork JoJo pattern is excellent!

  6. It is BEAUTIFUL Chase! As always:) You have such a knack for combining colors and prints! This will be a very cheerful and happy quilt when finished!!! I am going to head over to your shop to see your pouch pattern:) I hope you are enjoying a SUNNY Sunday! It is supposed to reach 62 today!!! I am SO excited! My daffodils are up about 4 inches...I cant wait to see their sunshiney faces:) XO


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