Sunday, April 12, 2015

Daffodil Joy Take two

So, what do you think having me back in a short two days? It has been such productive week here and best part of this motivation is good weather and good road trip! This afternoon I pieced and sewn all the patchwork block rows together and give a nice seam press in the back! A quick trip to the fabric shop to look for the backing fabric. Something simple and something coordinate with the quilt top nicely! 

I am still working on choose the binding fabrics! The two bring prints stand out the most from 6 other prints I pulled out, but now need let them sit for awhile before one shines itself! It will be a mystery for awhile! ( hint: a gift)  I really like how all the mustard-ish yellow come together! It is a rich and welcoming yellow and do you know that purple works so well with them, but I play safe! This quilt will be hand-quilt! It has been a very long time, since I last hand-quilt a quilt.  I miss the process and mostly the imperfect stitches and look forward hand-baste it next week and bring it with me during music lessons.

Still at this moment as I am writing this post, I can't believe I finished a quilt top within a week! It seems like a simple sewing process, but to me it has been a big accomplishment.  Now, I need to go back to the S' birthday quilt, which I am looking forward to finish it and surprise her soon!



  1. I am SO happy for you! A whole new quilt top in just a week!! That is wonderful Chase! I am looking forward to seeing what binding choice you make! Looks like a winner to me:)

  2. Discovered your fun blog via retro mama and sotak handmade. Love your work, very inspiring.

  3. I just adore your work and love your fabric choices. I always admire the fabrics in your pieces, and then I think to myself that I never would have chosen them. I wish I had your eye!

  4. Wow...can't believe you did a whole quilt top!! How big is it and how large where your squares that you patched.


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