Friday, May 16, 2014

Sew the week

S and I had a very lovely Mother's Day weekend. We had movie and pizza all weekending long. She made me a little card from fabric pieces and bought a mango from her field trip for me. We devoured the mango this Tuesday night and it was really sweet and tasty!

You won't believe that I have a new nick name, that is "everywhere". This week, I didn't get as much much time as I would like in the studio, but I am fulfilled with all the this and that running this week.

was pouring early in the morning. Then it rain all day long! I ran and got all the household supplies after dropped S off school . On the way to the store, I saw an older gentleman setting up a small table by the gas station. As the traffic going so quick I didn't get the chance to read the sign. Then on my way back, I purposely drove slow and read the sign "Asparagus". After quick read of the sign, I was stop in the traffic light then I turn left after green light. I pulled the car by the gentleman's car and asked him how much he is selling for a pound of asparagus. I asked him that I would like to get a pound. Then he started a very easy going conversation with me. I asked him if he has an umbrella to cover himself up. He replied,  "I gotta sale my asparagus, so I can go home!"  Then I smiled back at him!  We had really nice asparagus that night!  S loved how tender they tasted.

was so cold! I might had 3 plus cup of tea in the morning then two more cups in the afternoon. For the small production line for the sale. I made three i-pad cases, but it took me too long to decided what cover style to add on to the case. There were two styles I had in mind, but I went with a larger cover instead. Then the kitty pouch is for Fifi. You know, we have been preparing her birthday that's coming in less than 2 months. Next week, I'll be quilting her quilt in the long arm machine. Hope by next week, I could have some fun quilting pattern to go in the quilt. Then of course, a little hand-quilting in process..

was so nice! The weather warmed up and I went to visit a friend in town. We took a long walk together around the town. The spring morning walk is so nice! We visited while we walk. After saying goodbye to my friend, quickly I went to track meet to watch S' relay run. My goodness, that girl can really run! She was so proud to be part of the 200m dash. I clapped through the whole time she was running. She was running for the honor and running for her term. Yeah, I am a such proud mama!

for the second I though we were back in the winter again. The house was so cold! After taking care of the orders then I sat in the studio; had both hoods up in my head. I had wish to sew, but just never felt hands got warm up. I left the house and went to the library. I worked on the week six's pack patch quilt along themes from there and did some computer works. Then I had to Skype Fifi to tell her all my week has been. Lucky was so tired and didn't even bother to come to the sound. It was midnight in Taiwan.

still cold today! I am dressed layers and feel like early November this morning when dropped S off school. I made the everyday stop to get coffee and dropped of the pouches for Monday's sale.  Waited in post office line to mail out the orders. Completed the pack patch blocks for week six and sort through some fabric stashes, press the new scrappy blocks seams open, thinking a new blog head is need soon, working on a few small sewing, packing up few more items.


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  1. my gosh .. fifi's pouch is so adorable , I think she will love everything you made dear .. all come from sister's heart.. Good luck with home searching, wish everything going well ...


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