Friday, May 2, 2014

Studio update: Zakka Style Patchwork Needle-books

{Zakka Style Patchwork Needle-Books} have added to the {studio shop}. I am so pleased with how these needle-books turn out.  I went with more classic and darker color schemes rather than the usual bright and vibrate colors for these needle books.

The hand-quilting stitches are so nice on these books and the texture is soft. The linen tab to fasten the book is slight different from the last needle-books design.  I added addition quarter inch wider with special order of the clover design snap fastener. The lining cotton pieces are used designer fabric and the needle placement is used hight quality wool blended felt.  The needle placement space is large, so there are rooms for pins, basting needles, between needles, embroidery needles, etc.

There are also four {mini kin-cha-ku} added to the {shop}! These mini {kin-cha-ku} are nice for small items or gifting to someone.  I made one for Miss Maggie to store her toys and one for S to store her little creature toys.  Enjoy~

Thank you



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