Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sew Organized!

There is another Spring storm coming through as I type and we slept through the one earlier this morning.  The sky is gray and photos are having more gray scale than the clear days. I shall brew a cup of tea for this afternoon and sew.  Oh, dear!  We have been organizing and cleaning here! I have brought some of our winter clothes back to storage and brought fabric stashes back to the country house where my friend generously offer to keep them in safe.  

Then yesterday was a perfect day to go through all the fabric less than fat quarters and have them organized. Then I found some prints that's less than 10" and pull them aside.  I think aloud in my head, I must like them so much. These fabric are so fresh in colors and I particular love the green print on the top left corner.

There's a small production line happening this week. I have been making one piece cloth zippered pouches for a sale that's coming up in two weeks. It is actually my first try and to be honest with you that I am not sure if this is something that I'll attempt again in the future.  I heart Patchwork!  As it  excites me and allows me to work with different patterns, prints scales and colors.  However, since I haven't made one piece cloth zippered pouch for so long and it does feel fresh and new to me.  The large scale prints are perfect for this production, I must said!

Oh, the backing fabric for Fifi's quilt arrived today. Between 10 plus prints in three different online shops, I finally decided to go with candy blue and though it would great for the backing!  The colors might not be Fifi's color, but surely something out of her comfort zone! Let's say, she is going to love it and scream!  I just wish she is going to have a fabulous birthday this year! How I wish we could live closer, so I can wrap her in this quilt and possible have three of us { S, me, Fifi} holding our single girl quilt together and take million of photos!

So, I though I'd show you the mini {kin-cha-ku} that I made for the {shop}. They are the size of the a hand and super cute! It is all hand-quilted and great for small personal items.  I really love making these tiny patchwork and it gives me perfect excuse to be clutter while cutting and working in the studio.

Lately, most of the time and much of energy goes to the search of our next permanent home. We've been taking road trips to look up places. Last weekend, we though we found one, but with lots careful discussions we decided to wait a little longer. Indeed, I am disappointed, but I know it is  important to make it right rather a quick decision. There are so much to learn and so much to consider. This process has been overwhelming for me and yes, one step a day, right?

Meanwhile, I am keeping the small production running here and start something new to keep the mind busy! Oh, we are reaching quilt along week #5 this coming Friday. I have the themes ready for you! I actually changed the idea as S was discussing something special yesterday.  It would be something sweet, pinky promised! 



  1. Chase, I'm just dropping in to say hello! I have never commented before but I have been following a while. I just wanted to let you know that I get so excited whenever a new blog post from you shows up in my feed - your pure love and joy for sewing and your daughter shine through in every post that you write. Cheers!

  2. someone so busy this day, eh ... :))) your fabrics collections is growing and growing ... Chase - is that toy for lucky ? he is a lucky pup, indeed ... Happy Friday, dear ...


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