Monday, June 9, 2014

Fifi's quilt

Last night  Over the weekending , I sewn up the drawstring bag for Fifi's quilt. I used {French Seam Style Drawstring Bag} from the {tutorial} I wrote awhile back. Then stored the quilt in the drawstring bag last nightThe quilt is almost ready for her journey over pacific ocean and I hope  The package has been shipped this morning and on its way over the pacific ocean. Next week, sometimes will landed and delivered to Fifi. We did let her know there's a package coming to her soon, but she has not idea what's the contents { shhhh.... don't let the cat out of bag}.

After finished the photograph last week, I debated on if I should writing a short post or a long post due to the terrible summer cold that I have been fighting over a week now. This summer cold seems never going away, I made a few more days pause and thinking if I make it long where should I start? If I make it short, what should I included in the post on the fabric information,etc.  Um, then I work up this morning tried so hard to clear my throat and keep this awful caught down before wake up S. After a few hours this morning to myself and sitting quietly in the kitchen table sipping through the lemon water; I am feeling much better. My mind seems functioning again and recall stories between me and Fifi is running like flash cards. Then I knew, that I actually want to write a long post and also included all the fabric information about this quilt.  So, my tea cup is filled with fresh made tea and you might want to get a cup of nice tea/coffee before start this reading...

How we met? 
It is not so tricky! Fifi and I met in October 14, 1978 sometimes that afternoon {my birthday}. She just turned 5 that summer and a pretty cute toddler. Fifi is the oldest kid in the family, so she is "trained" to be helpful! She probably didn't know what her mama was going to have; a baby boy or a baby girl. Dad was on the business trip to Hong-Kong, so he didn't make it to the labor room that day. Fifi was with other aunts waiting outside the labor room and waiting for her second siblings to be to be born.  I am not sure if she was excited to have another sibling, but for sure he/she was coming not matter what!

Toddler Years
Since Fifi and I are almost 5 years apart. You can pictured us being less connected when we were toddlers/ kids in many ways. When I was in kindergarden she was almost graduated from the elementary school. We spent some fun time in Grandpa's house as little kids. Of course, she didn't mind me much, since most cousins are closed to her age. I was always a mama's babe. Indeed, it was great, but she got in trouble more so. She was expected to be the good model between siblings and asked to take care of her sister and brother when she was little.  We still didn't have much in common in the toddler years.

Having an older sister in the teen age years are the BEST! We finally were closed as we were started to changed in many ways. Last summer, we had so much talks about how our teen weekends spent. Fifi and I got so closed when I was in 6th grade and she was in high school. On many Sundays, We would rode our bikes from our home to the city, where fun shops were. The bike ride was almost one hour per one way then we spent so much time in the shops getting little things like stickers, cute socks, cute notepads, cute stationary, kawaii wash cloth, etc. We always stop by a beverage shop and older the same drink, peanut butter milk drink to the end of our Sunday adventure.

Most of the weekdays, Fifi studied in school till 10p.m. for the national college examinations. It was a very important exam that everyone took at the time. It determined which college you can go or some people would take a real job after high school.  When she was in the 12 grade, we rarely hang out anymore. When the time she arrived home, I was mostly in bedtime. On the weekends, she had to go to school for more studies.  

When Fifi decided to go to America to study. We, the family were shocked by her decision. Perhaps the study environment at the time was high volume pressure. We didn't know why she decided to leave home, but our parents respected her decision and helped her to go oversea. That time in high school was boring for me! After Fifi left home, we started to write to each other from time to time. Internet wasn't popular in the 90's back home. International phone call was so expensive at the time. I was always in school when she called home. Slowly, we were on two sides of the balance again. Summer time when she visited home, she was always busy and I had a gang of friends that I hang out with. A long summer vacation always went quick for both of us. I always work on some summer part-time job in the city. Her school always started early than we did then it was time for her to pack up to return to school. I knew I will see her again next summer, but each time when she left it felt really lonely again even we didn't get to hang out much. Her bedroom was dark again!

One year together 
Before graduated from high school, my parents asked me if I'd be interested to go to America study. I wasn't sure! It felt like so far away from home and not able to see my friends ever again. But, after all then thoughts and talks. I decided to give it a one-year try. So in 1997, Fifi and I spent a whole year together. Oh.... NO! We were probably THE worse sisters ever! Somehow the chemistry didn't work so well together that year! Now, I think back! I felt that she needed to be there for me all time, since I just came to this new country and she is the only person I knew! We travelled within U.S., but we didn't travel well! I've always wanted to go one way, but she was more interested in to go the other way. You know, we never didn't come to the same agreement in that whole year. But she still is the best sister that I could ask for! She cooked for me on every weekending that whole year, since I was so sick from all the new food and lost so much weight.

Little S
Seeing your sister in the labor room is a very powerful moment and memory in life. I could never forget Fifi's tears when she saw me giving birth to S.  Since the labor went so quick with little S. I was able to walk that afternoon, but I also hurt my back during the labor time. Doctor asked me to rest and not bend my back for a month long. Then of course, there's a new born baby to take care of.  So I looked at Fifi and asked her if she can come home to bath S. I fully trust her gentle and sweet to baby S.  So for the first month of S' birth,  Fifi made her lunch break trip home everyday to bath S. I felt sorry that S always cried on the second month when I bath her. I never know WHY! Maybe there's always water on her face? oh dear...

Last Ten Years
Since S was born between Fifi and us are very closed! She is the person I go to when there's something that I am frustrated. She is the person S go to when S and mama got confliced. She has a lot of wisdoms as an older sister, a friend, and S' aunt, almost another mother to her. Fifi is lovely, but she also has powerful thoughts! Well, at that moment, we will try to stand 5 feet away from her until she is cool again! Years ago, as a younger mother, I always asked Fifi what should I do? There's always something that I felt she would do it wiser and better when it comes when the challenge from S.

Fifi always supports me in many of ideas of my handmade works. She still uses the pouch that I made her 10 years ago. It is ripped on the seams, but she still used it because it was made by me for her. Each time, I talked and shared with her my new work she always listen and give me her two cents.

No to mentioned, the well care that she gives to Lucky, the pup! After S adopted Lucky we realized it would so hard to have him here with us. Fifi takes over the job and take care of Lucky. Lucky is really "lucky" he gets full attention from Fifi and he even gets on scooter rides when Fifi gets errands to run in the city.

The quilt 
Back in February,  my Skype message pop up, " What to get for the 40th birthday?"  I replied, " a diamond weight 40 c." Fifi replied, " How big of my hand need to be?". I replied " oh, well".  Last year before we travelled back home. I knew I wanted to make Fifi a quilt for the big birthday, but it got postpone. I knew the "Single Girl Pattern" is the one that I want to make her, but with lack of idea in fabric selection I just stopped!  Then I narrow down fabric selection is going to be 30's reproduction fabric and then later on added various solid to break down the colors.  I am really happy about how this quilt turns out and you know this is my Third single girl quilt. I made one for  {S' 9th birthday} last year and made { roommate quilt} for myself to match S'.  I hope Fifi will love this birthday quilt and cuddle it up with her when she misses us.

I am blessed to have a sister who will always by my side. No matter what decisions I made and she will always be there while people come and go in my life. She will always be in my heart; cry with me and listen to me even thought is midnight in her time and she sounded so sleepy. Ever since high school, I am often being called, "the older sister". Since my body gesture is much alike mom side's family and Fifi is much alike dad's family and I am much taller than she is! When I was much younger, I didn't like that being called OLD, but for last two years. I started to enjoy being the "older" sister.

Fifi W. 

Happy 40th Birthday! 
We really LOVE you! 


Quilt Information: 
Quilt Pattern: Single Girl Quilt Pattern by Denyse Schmidt
Quilting: Used Long-arm quilting machine by me
Fabric Selection: Mainly used 30's reproduction fabric and added Kona solid fabric to break down colors.
Batting: 100% Cotton Batting
Binding: Scrappy Binding, cut in 2.5" wide
Photograph: By me; location: Alta, Iowa


  1. It is a gorgeous quilt! Love your fabric choices! Was it difficult to make, I saw on another blog that there are lots of pattern pieces.

  2. Chase - thank you for sharing the lovely journey of you and your sister! The quilt is gorgeous - she will surely love it. :)

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  5. It is very nice story about your life with Fifi. And the quilt is wonderful, really great present! :)
    Have a nice time! Jola

  6. First - I'm glad you're back! I was beginning to wonder if everything was ok! I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well - hopefully you are feeling better now! The quilt is SO lovely and I really like the idea that all 3 of you have the same quilt! I think that's especially nice. And, the story of you and your sister is wonderful - thank you for sharing! I do have a question for you: is the pattern a hard one? The curves look tricky and I wonder how difficult it is to get the scraps to come together in such a neat circle. I know your sister will love the quilt and will cherish it.

  7. The quilt and the pictures are fabulous...Love the quilting and very much love the "embroidery label"...I enjoyed very much reading about you and your sister's story.

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  12. What a beautiful post. Your quilt adds to your memories of growing up and the changing relationship with your sister. Happy birthday to FiFi too xxx

  13. It is beautiful! Nice colours to.

  14. Chase..It could not be lovelier!!!! I am overwhelmed by how beautiful it is!!! Your sister will treasure this quilt forever!!!!

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    LOVE love LOVE ...this quilt...:0))


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