Thursday, May 1, 2014


I have been absent lately. Oh, It has been busy for us! S and I have packed our books into boxes and these boxes will store back to our storage unit until we find a place to live. This search for a place to live has been hard and challenge. I cannot thank my dear friend enough for helping us look for the right place. It seems like the mind is getting confused about the area to live and place to stay. It is really exciting moment for us, but I am feeling a little anxious to settle down! My notepad is full of pros and cons about the area and the place to stay. Somewhat, I have been so concern about this move than any other move we've made in the past years! The sewing activity is slowing down this week, but each day I still make small patchwork, hand-quilting, journaling/designing, ideas for {pack patch mini quilt along} to keep the hands busy and give the mind a little break time!

The feedsack {kin-cha-ku} has arrived to receiver's hands last week! I took it with me and though I'd mailed it out from ND, but with the little time we had, I brought it back and mail out a few days later. The colors of these feedsack are so fresh and crisp from the photo and SOFT in texture! I particularly like the scale of the print/design in these feedsacks. They are great for fuzzy cuts and each print stands out on its own very well. I fancy a feedsack quilt in the future and will be just simple 9 patch or 16 patch block patchwork. Kona white might be great for the corresponding solid fabric for the feedsack quilt.

The rain has not stopped since this past weekending. So much rain and so much colder, the winter gears might need to be hang around for extra few weeks before the forecast shows "70" for a full week, fingers crossed for the good weather to come! However, I adore the greens everywhere in town and the almost tulips season will arrive soon, maybe another two weeks?! Oh, this spring is surely teasing us hard! With great 70's for a few days then high 30's throughout the week.. brr

Hot tea is always served in the raining days. Somehow it really warms up hands and body! The peach tea has been the lately favorite on the table and homemade rice crispy went so well with the tea.  We miss some good raining day baking time! I have a long list of things that I like to bake when we settle. The first on the list is Apple Pie then Lemon Blueberry Muffins then the almond cake then homemade chestmix treats... oh and the homemade bread, too!

Tomorrow is our week # 4 quilt along and I have them ready for you and will post on tomorrow once I dropped S off to school.



  1. It is rainy you. somehow I feel cold. Take care~~~ and don't catch cold.
    And I'm looking forward to pack patch mini quilt along week#4. ^^

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what the theme for week 4 will be

  3. Good luck! It seems you have a lot of decisions to make!! I hope you are settled soon...It is stressful, but also very exciting:)

  4. Moving is so stressful and you have done it a lot lately! I am glad that you have a good friend to help you out and to give you advice and encouragement.
    Take care, you two!


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