Saturday, January 4, 2014


Our New Year was simple, but perfect timing to sit back and relax! The meal was prepared for late noon hours then we dig in! Ham, sweet potatoes, cabbage salads, olives, ham salad for crackers, chips, bread. We finished with hot tea and some chocolate chip cookies, indeed good company made the day fun and enjoyable!  Sew machine was on and hands were busy.. four of them actually!

Snow didn't landed in our side of the land. It seemed went over the the East side of us. How are friends' over at the East coast? The temperature keeps dropping down and we all bundled up on our way out and way in! Just enough to see and breath!

S snuggled in last night and of course the room is as is when she left the room. We laughed so loud late last night as she was trying to help me with my vowels and we window shopping fabric on line. Of course, she needed to make few suggestions on some of the colors. It was fun and blessed!

We headed to the countryside and had a great visited with our dear friend. It feels so blessing to have friends who sent invitation out to us and have us over for coffee and tea in the long winter season. We chat a little , talked about fabric, saw her new projects, then I show her my new project.

Our mail box has been full last few days, but the very important package hasn't arrived! The tracking number shows this coming Monday will be here! I knew half of the box content, but have no idea what the other half box content would be!  It will be a great surprise when S gets home from school on Monday.

Poor S has been practicing getting up early in the mornings. It hasn't been much successful for her. Her goal is waking up without my help. We have sat the alarm far away from where she sleeps and hope she will wake up to turn it off.  She has one more try before she returns to school, fingers crossed for her!

Our new home is so closed by the lake. It is so pretty during the morning and afternoon horizon time! Each morning and afternoon I waited to see the sunrise and sunset. The beauty of the land/ lake is just "wow" each day! Whenever I see a tent on the lake, there's a though; maybe ice fishing is something new to try; but at the end, I stay in a cozy home and watch.

Camelot block number two is finished, but the center is 1/4" short, so I am will be reworking on that. The second block is much challenging then the first time, but the color set is satisfied.  Add lots woolies if you can! I wouldn't recommend to any Southern states friends'; I slightly envy where you are staying at this moment!



  1. Happy New Year. I hope this year brings you much happiness, stitching and health

  2. Happy New Year! So nice pictures. I love your log cabin quilt so much.

  3. What lovely photos, you live in a beautiful place. So nice to stay cosy and warm inside - I don't think ice fishing would be for me! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. CJ xx

  4. A home by the lake sounds wonderful! I bet it will be so pretty there come Spring and Summer. I looked up the Camelot quilt pattern. Wow! All that hand piecing and it's a really big quilt too!. It's going to be beautiful. I'm almost tempted to start one myself. Maybe I will just watch you for a while before I jump in :)
    Happy New Year


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