Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Library ii

I didn't forget the second library post that I have promised awhile ago. The images have been sitting in the computer and waiting for me.  Since we've returned to states, I rarely stay up after 10p.m. The lifestyle has been so opposite to last year, but I've gained more sleep hours and rest more. Tonight, I am still up because a cup of tall size coffee that I had this morning { more on this later}.

Another great book that I have added last Christmas is {Playful Little Paper- Pieced Project} complied by {Tacha Bruecher}. It is a really well written book introducing {Paper Piecing}. There are also many familiar names that have contributed to the book; Ayumi aka {Pink Penguin}, Kerry aka{verykerryberry}, Penny aka {Take a hike} and Chase aka {quarter inch mark} <--- {YES! that's me}.   This book comes with a CD that allows to download the patterns and so many cute and fun projects. I am so ready to make Kerry's snowy home and Ayumi's Mail organizer and many other cute patterns.

My little contribution is the {Nutcracker Pillow} and yes, I made it while I was in the last year of graduate school. It was really exciting when I accepted the invitation for the contribution. I was also nervous about it! S was the only one I could talk about this exciting news and project.  We didn't let the cat out till last year I saw a few friends mentioned that they are in the book as well. It was really hard to asked an 8 years old don't let the cat out... {shh} 

When I think of December,  I often think of the ballet show, Nutcracker I saw in Boston back in 1997 Christmas. That was the first year I landed in the states and the very first Christmas I celebrated. My sister and I travelled to Boston and stayed there for three weeks. We travelled around city of Boston and we saw Nutcracker in a snowy day before Christmas. Not to mentioned we were soaking wet with wet shoes and clothes when we walked in the show.  Back in 2006, when we returned to states and S was a little wee toddler; the very first book that our friend read to her was {miss suzy}  It is a cute book and of course she cried and worried about miss suzy.. then the little nutcracker soldiers have saved miss suzy's home... I took both our firsts then turn into the idea for the project.

I am very honored and excited to be part of this book still; seeing my work in a published book is a huge encouragement for me. S has been showing the book to our friends whoever comes to our home and shared, my mom made this project! oh dear... {{blushing, blushing}....



  1. Love the thought of S showing the book to everyone! Looking forward to making your Nutcracker for next Christmas!

  2. It's lovely, and what a nice memory of seeing the Nutcracker. Congratulations for being included in this great book, it is well deserved.

  3. aaw..congratulations, dear Chase ... I've been put this book on my wishlist on Amazon but didn't know that you have pattern in that book , aah.. mean is I need to get the book quickly :)) I'm proud of you ...

  4. You didn't tell me! This is wonderful !!

  5. how wonderful chase! and such a sweet story behind choosing your idea for your project. i cant wait to get my hands on this book, even tho paper piecing terrifies me!

  6. Congratulations on having your art in a book! What an exciting time this must be for you. Make sure to enjoy it and to accept praise--you deserve it!


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