Sunday, January 19, 2014


how I miss sewing all day long and all week long... I have not be able to sew much since we moved back! It takes three times longer to finish up a simple project, twice longer to get all the supplies in hand, five times hard to feel motivate after return home from work and probably four times challenge to find time just for myself... oh.. it is super busy during the weekdays! I have been saving all the camelot quilt blocks scraps and slowly making simple patchworks on the zipper pouches. Indeed, the making of super overdue Christmas gifts from last year just started here and hope our friends' won't mind the late package from us anytime now.

how I miss a batch of warm scones to go with the afternoon tea; sending fresh bake goodies home with our friends. Beginning of the week, I planned to make these scones over the weekending. It feels a bit late Christmasy here. Dust the flour on the kitchen counter, adding extra raisins, sprinkle extra sugar on top of the scone even the receipt didn't call for that then listen to the timer click and slowly bring out the baking sheet that full with golden brown crust scones and everyone sample a piece and saying... oh what a treat...  I though you might like it, so here is the receipt

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/3 cups sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 tablespoon unsalted frozen butter    { I used salted frozen butter and didn't add salt in the batter}
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup sour cream {I used plain yogurt}
1 large egg
preheat at 400 degree fro 15-17 minutes {cool for 5 minutes}

How: add all the dry ingredients together then cut the frozen butter into small pieces. Use a knife to mix the dry ingredients and butter together { almost flaky}. Add sour cream and egg into batter then raisins. Gentle work with the batter than round the batter into a circle. use knife cut into small squares  {about 3 inches} then cut into half triangles. Set in the baking sheet about one inch apart. I set the baking sheet in the bottom of the oven. Enjoy!

Sunday drive:
Have you done it before?  When I was in college I learned about sunday drive from a small town in Iowa. This morning after S' music practice, we went for a Sunday drive. The weather was beautiful and the sun was warm and cozy to be out and about.  The landscape in front of us was in light brown shades, the sky was in the two different tones of blue and the clouds were shaped in S' imagination animals. We chatted as the landscapes pass by us and enjoy the drive without a destination, but fun.
The best part of this drive was we were not in a hurry and just us.

Indeed wasn't that pleasant. As a mama, I have tried to help S' get into weekends schedule and it hasn't been so easy! Fits and more fits... and yes! She is trying to grow up and look out that independences of hers, but sometimes, it is hard to admit that we all need reminders and helps even when we are trying to grow up and be so independent. Lessons to learn and lessons set in the heart, it is not so easy to be a mama, sometimes...

Saturday, I drove out to the country and visited my dear friend who stored all the fabric stashes for me. It was a quick visit, but hello to all the stashes... It felt like friends that I haven't seen for ages and wish they all come home with me, but they will need to stay in the vacation home for a little longer before I can bring them home with me.  Of course, I buy more fabric and my fabric colors are shifting...

A quilt that has slowly putting together for last few weeks. I must admit that I love making this quilt! What I enjoy about is the process:  take the time to play with the colors, trace the pattern, cut the pieces, iron the pieces, then onto hand-piecing. It is rather and again fit into schedule where I find 5 minutes to myself a day that I could hand sewn a piece or two together. no rush, but the time that much needed to be quiet and decompress from the day.

It is always true that it is full of adventures. As we slowly settle in, we learn to find new balance between mother and daughter relationship. Each time we grow stronger together, but we also forget to give each other some bubble space to breath and to decompress.

S' birthday is coming, but the quilt is still in my head. I am embarrassed to say that I haven't find the time to work on the quilt at all. There are so many ideas pop in my head lately and yes, it's so important to make this quilt extra special, since S is having her first double number birthday this year. oh boy...  i do LOVE this girl...

So on:
look forward next weekending to come. Another week will start soon and will be another busy week ahead of us. Indeed, I am counting already.

it is another story... talk soon



  1. So tiny and sweet! I love the little purses

  2. Lovely pouches Chase, it does sound as though life is busy with you. A Sunday drive is a great way to unwind and see some scenery and have a chat. And the scones look delicious, I might make some soon, I am sure they would be well received. I hope you have a good week, with a little time for sewing - we need sewing time for our sanity I think.

  3. When I was growing up, we went for a Sunday drive every week. I'd forgotten about that. The scones look yummy. I'll be visiting a scone-making-friend soon and so look forward to scones, tea, and good conversation. Hope things settle into a better routine for you so you can get some well-deserved sewing time scheduled! Your projects are great. Love those little pouches. ~karen

  4. Replies
    1. I especially like the pouch and fabric in the first photo on this post!

  5. aaaw.. there you go.. start baking again, that is so nice !! and because you put recipe here, make this blog more and more interesting to read too ... well, just pretending this blog is your home.. you can put everything here.. right ? :)) Those pictures are lovely Chase, I love you using the term .. meet fabrics like met your old friend... LOL .... - take care dear, and stay strong no matter what ... xoxo

  6. Your scones look divine! There is something really satisfying to making something from scratch.

    Love your little dumpling bags too. I was hoping to make one as my first zippered pouch.

  7. Love your dumplings but really wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and your writing (I really love the name, too!). Please keep posting - I look forward to them! Thank you!

  8. I LOVE how you split this post up into short time frames or ideas. It was great to read small sections about all the different things that are going on in your life right now. You definitely are busy!

  9. Oh, so cute dumpling bags! I really love them! And fabrics... again very nice fabrics :)
    Have a nice time!

  10. I love the sweet zipper bags, they are so well made and beautiful. I know how time consuming it can be to make tiny little projects. It reminds me of those Zakka projects I've been seeing a lot lately. Are you from Japan originally?

    1. Hi Kathy, I am originally from Taiwan. Thank you so much~ xc

  11. I just love the little zip pouch - will you be selling or posting a pattern - it is so sweet.

    1. Here is a little information about the patchwork~ enjoy xc

    2. I always look forward each day to your postings - thank you so much for sharing the pattern information for the sweet "little dumplings" - I will be be making some for gifts very soon - your work is exquisite Chase thank- you

    3. I look forward each day to your postings - thank-you for sharing the project information for the sweet 'little dumplings" - your work is exquisite

    4. Susan K from Canada, you should make one for your daughter! I'm sure she would love one!


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