Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forwarding to 2014

My favorite time now is the time when I clock out and step away the office.  I look forward to put on my cozy winter coat and woolie scarves {yes, i put more than one}. When the door open to the outside entrance the cold air sudden blow in my face my fingers { sadly, still can't find my gloves in the storage}.  brrr.... Quickly, I walked fast into the car and turn on the car furnace to high! I sat a minute or two; sometimes longer... then I take a deep breath... Off I went and slowly pass streets then slowly pull into driveway.   I love that few minutes quiet drive alone... then there's a lot of little things come in mind; how's my girl's day? What book she enjoyed? Has she loving the new books that she received? What should we have for supper? of course, thinking aloud of the projects on the table; do I have that right blue I "wanted" in the quilt? Should I change my mind?  then the list of things pop in and out in that less than 5 minutes drive home.

The year of 2013 is full and filled with numbers of event! Finished school, new citizenship, lived oversea, met new friends,  moved and moved again, sew a lot and sew more, fabric stash grew another foot taller,  made many quilts, celebrated happy days, made difficult decisions, made silly changes, lost all the computer data and I cried... so on and on.. and you?

Last few days, finally the mind was made and I am ready for the {camelot quilt}. The pattern was purchased two weeks before we moved away from ND. I had a thought that it might not make it to time, but it did! On the day of our moving day the mail carrier came and dropped the envelope in the mailbox. When I first reading the whole booklet and saw the diagrams, I was intimidated about this pattern then there was some study time after that. The pattern was taken with me while we were oversea. I show it to my sister and she looked at me; the only question she had for me is do you understand? I said to her, yes! But I think I need more fabric! Can you take me for fabric shopping? and she did!  {The floral yellow print with white shape was one of prints we shopped together}.

This quilt is alike {Farmer's wife quilt} that I've done.  Traced each block piece onto fabric with a pencil then cut each join piece off from the fabric, but this time the block is done in hand-stitch; with double floss sewing thread.  The hand sewing is a little different to the machine sewing. I made sure  join seams are double stitched, so that would help the block flow better.  There are still lots improvement to make since I haven't done hand-stitch for years.  It is a challenge quilt pattern and 2014 seems like a good year to take time to put it together and pick out fabrics and hoping new fabric will added to the collection.

Like every year, I don't have a list for myself nor S has one! We go with the flow and take one step a day and make small accomplishments each day if we can!  We look forward 2014 to arrive and our many adventures to come!

Thank you for another great year's reading and great year support.  

Happy New Year~


  1. Happy New Year, Chase and S! I'm looking forward to the things you make this year and I'm so happy you share them with us. The job every day (except your special weekendings!) is a different sort of thing to incorporate into your lives, I'm sure. I hope S enjoys her school and that you make many new friends in your new home. All the best to you!!

  2. Happy New Year dear Chase and Stella ... wishing you the best at 2014 !! love you guys

  3. Dear Chase, Happy New Year for you and Stella!! J.

  4. I also like to go with the flow, and be surprised by what the future brings me.
    A very happy new year to both of you!

  5. i dont always comment but i get your posts in email and read everyone, and look forward to the next. i had watching your adventures this past year. this looks like it will be a challenging quilt but very fun also. good luck to you and s in the new year

  6. Wow, that quilt will be really impressive! I'm wishing you both much happiness and contentment in 2014. CJ xx

  7. I have been going through your blog and it is a pure delight. I am your newest follwer.
    Connie :)


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