Saturday, January 11, 2014


It has been a pretty winter wonderland here. The temperature warmed up a few days ago then dropped again. The snow falls on the trees and made the town looks alike the Christmas in the noisy Village book, just pretty and delight on the drive out where somewhere.

Our routine is slowly and steadily back after the first week of school.  It is amazing how it helps us get our mind set in and ready to move forward the winter season and wish spring is coming; soon!
The week has been full for us and it has been hard to photograph when the sun goes down before we reach the driveway. Weekending is very much appreciate now than ever! It allows us to enjoy the day to be home and taking time to rest and even have breakfast time together.

The camelot quilt block#2 was finished last weekending. It has been the kind of quilt fits in our schedule and space here. The block didn't fit the first time after sewn together. It was 1/4" smaller than the first one. Then I redo the center circles; black and white and redo the inner two pink circles.  It is a much nice finished block then the first approach. I couldn't wait to share with you when this morning, so when sun was out then quickly I set up the mini photo space to photograph it! Tomorrow, the plan is to pick up the third block fabric, so the following week is ready for some hand sewing time.

The single girl quilt made this past spring is out today. It hasn't been washed, so it still looks like a new quilt! Since all the photos have gone from the last computer, I try to photograph quilts that I've made in the past. The full size mattress is perfectly for some of the full/ small queen quilt size. That means there are five quilts on the bed to snuggle with now! Yes, it is a little heavy and too much at night, but S commented it is the most cozy bed ever!

S almost needs a full size violin. It is always my pleasure to listen to her play! We talk about a trip to the twin city this coming spring to trade her violin in and get a full size violin and a possible visit to ND. It is a very long drive, but we though it might be a great spring break trip to take.

The machine finally made some nice sound last night! It has been quiet for a few weeks. The sewing space is limited here, but it has been slowly put together! It is in the dinning room where we have our meals, homework time, and tea time, etc,..  Today has been a nice sewing day and extra special is coffee for me and hot coco for S. It was a nice day to hangout and perfect afternoon to sew and catch up. Hope more sewing time this coming week and tomorrow is our super post Christmas dinner! Yes, it will have a turkey and we can't wait!



  1. Chase, So glad you and S. are having a good week end! Turkey sounds wonderful!

  2. What a nice to know that you be able to sewing again, Chase .. :) I'm sure those blocks will create a beaufitul quilt - can't wait to see . After seeing your single girl quilt ... I kind of brave enough to put that pattern into my sewing list - even though I don't know when will happen but encouraging myself is nice thing to do , don't you think :))) Have a wonderful weekend dear ..

  3. ps : i love your cabinet next to the bed, that what i need ... many drawers ... :))

  4. Love your block, Chase. It will be one absolutely stunningly amazing quilt. And your Single Girl looks perfect on your bed. Hope you guys stay warm and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  5. Lovely pics, Chase! We have not snow in our country! Really strange winter. So, keep warm and good luck with your sewing project :) Jola

  6. I love your Single Girl, such a gorgeous quilt. I would love to make a full size one for our bed - I made a baby one a couple of years ago. And the camelot block looks fab!

  7. Is that the Denyse Schmidt single girl wedding ring quilt I see? Wow, thats the first one I've seen online!


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