Sunday, December 29, 2013


The weekending has been productive and most of the fabrics are reorganized into their place! We helped out taking the holiday/Christmas lights off house and enjoy simple lunch and conversations. I have been sewing, not really like a storm, but filled me in with good mind.

We are super behind our holiday greeting cards and thought it might be ok to send them out a little late. S did a very good job in writing and I need to find stamps that somewhere in the room. oh dear... wish me good luck on finding them or a run to the post office is required!

Lately, I have been into working with felt! I made a little hair clip for my getting longer hair and have been playing a few ideas here and there!  S also have been loving the felt material and we have been checking into color options for our next order. She has been reading throughout her days over the holiday breaks. Since the weather has been so cold; the out and about isn't interest her.

Have you notice the day has getting longer? It has been a pleasure to wake up in daylight out and about. The morning tea time has been great, but really and being very honest with myself I miss coffee in the morning. It helps me to think "right away" in the morning, but I might try to wait few more months before morning coffee comes back for regular.

I am waiting a box that will come next week sometime. It is hard to wait for packages to arrive and I knew the package is full of goodness and I will share when it arrives! It is going to excite S and me at the same time! Yes, lots goodness for S as well.

2013 has been a fast move year for us. Lots excitements throughout the year and disappointments as well.  My mind is full of upcoming new year's plans and yes, another BIG move for us in the near future! Hope that will be our last move around the country then we can be settle permeant.  Maybe at that time S could have a wall of books and I could have a wall of fabric! That just sounds so inviting!

My newly set up sewing space is limited, but I am thankful a space to sew and feel good! On the top of sewing list is S' birthday quilt! Yes, she is having a birthday soon and I am not sure if I can pull out the quilt for her on time. First, I'd pull my magic wand out...



  1. I'm so glad that your lovely regular posts are back, I enjoy them so very much. All that beautiful fabric! A wall of fabric and a wall of books sounds perfect! Wishing you and Stella much happiness in 2014.

  2. That peak of a coaster really makes me want to sew! I love the hair clip too. Happy New Year!

  3. Best of luck for your next move, Chase .. hopefully no more move after this ... :) I like your hair clip, though... so pretty.. - I got 3 strawberry fabrics too , but no luck with other fabric . To see your collections, sometime I hope we live closed each other, so I can play and take a look of your collections LOL

  4. Such pretty makings going on. Happy New Year

  5. Chase, your fabric stash is filled with so many friendly colors! What happy fabric to be around all the time! Love your felt hair clip! Sending you good wishes for the New Year!

  6. Your lives seem so busy and full of excitement and new interests. Thank you for sharing them with us!
    P.S. Why did you stop drinking coffee?

  7. sounds like you guys are having such a lovely time enjoying each other while doing some sewing and reading. Hope you both have an amazing year ahead of you.

  8. Sounds like you guys are getting settled in nicely. So nice to hear you are sewing again and your felt clip is adorable.

  9. I hope 2014 will be a great year for you and S


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