Friday, December 27, 2013

From the past

Come on in... This is my room and this is the very first time S and I don't share a room together. We've been sharing a bedroom since I gone to grade school and prior that was in a small one bedroom apartment. She is in her little room next to mine now and has all her books stack together in one big pile and has her quilts on the floor where she can get cozy and on her own; reading, crafting, and little independence and privacy...  She comes over during the weekends to spend some time with me and sometimes just to chat then she fell asleep by me.  Likely I turn off the light and let her snuggle in. This mama wouldn't mind this at all, really!

A week ago, I came cross some vintage quilts in our local antique store. Whenever I go to an antique store; likely I see things that I love so much, but between vintage items and fabric. Likely I go with fabric and good chocolates. Last week, as I walked around the store, I saw 5 vintage quilts for sale.  The first one that cough my attention right away was the double wedding ring quilt. It is hand-pieced and hand-quilted. I couldn't just walk away from the store without touching it and unfold the quilt. Checking each pieces of the feedback that's been used in the quilt. The double wedding ring quilt comes in perfect condition and lots feedback fabrics were used in this quilt. It might be from the early 40's or 50's. There is not evidence of maker or date on. I fell in love with this wedding ring quilt! Maybe this is called " love in first sight". I've made 3 double wedding ring quilts in the past, but this one is so soft and has been loved by the previous owner(s). I couldn't help myself to walk away the shop without thinking maybe this quilt is waiting for me??  No, I didn't second myself too long for this quilt.  I went ahead and got this quilt. Indeed, this quilt didn't cost arms and legs. It was marked on a very fair price.  It does feel a good found of the year.

The quilt have sandwiched in really fine cloth instead of cotton batting. The weight is rather light and the texture is rather soft. Yes, I put in the wash and gave her a nice bath. It turns out so nice! I have so  much appreciation in vintage quilts whenever I see one.  I also feel hesitate to purchase them when I encounter one. Sometimes, they were being price in a very high and unreachable price and sometimes, it might be worn and hard to repair at all. I've learned to love these vintage quilts as they are part of the quilting histories and quilting evidences towards to the modern quilts.

The second quilt is made with thousands of hexagons. It is hand-pieces and hand-quilted. There are some worn on the hexagon pieces, but I went ahead and take her home with me on the second trip that I went with S. She wanted some chocolate and gummy for holiday treats.

It is a very nice full sized quilt and I pictured it will be in the future sewing room's couch where I could enjoy some tea time and cuddle under it.  What I love about this quilt is the maker is so brilliant! She/ He used fuzzy cuts for each flower pattern. Even some of the hexagons are gone, but I could still see from some of the fade area and traced back the original design.

This quilt is much sweet in colors and it might made for either a daughter or a grand-daughter. The usage of green for around up the quilt is so nicely done. It almost gives a nice completion to the quilt. I couldn't find any names on this quilt at all. This is a little sad for the vintage quilts that I have seen so far; rarely they have dated or names of the makers. She also got a nice bath and tossed in the dryer and few more fabric pieces worn down during the wash.

Both quilts are nicely lay on the bed. I need more mattresses, so I can have all the quilts out. I hope someday, I can have one bed just for quilts! They are better laying flat than being fold.  I have a thought that I'd love to start collecting vintage quilts. These vintage quilts might have been pass on from family to family or being sold in stores, but these vintage quilts are truly being loved and made with loves from the past.  I always curious about the story behind each quilts or maybe there isn't a story behind it...

I've always envy quilts that have pass from the family from great grand mother, since there's no such custom in my family. I do hope someday quilts that I made will be pass on in the family and maybe  little S will be able to share stories of these quilts to her family.



  1. WOOOW ... what a treasures !!! Lucky you , Chase... those are beautiful quilt .. Have a wonderful weekend guys, hopefully you are no longer jet lag and back to sewing machine :))

  2. gorgeous quilts, Chase. They are both absolutely beautiful.

  3. what a wonderful find, and the feeling of history in a quilt like that is something else!

  4. Chase, it is great idea to collect the vintage quilts :) And, yes, you can start lovely tradition about quilts :)
    Have a wonderful time! Jola

  5. No wonder you brought both of these home with you. No quilt tradition in our family either but maybe I'm starting one....

  6. they are both gorgeous. I know you will take good care of them and pass on a story for each of them.

  7. Both quilts are so soft and gorgeous and you can feel good about providing a new home for them both!

  8. What a wonderful find! I am glad you got those quilts because you truly appreciate the work that went into them.

  9. They are wonderful! I'm envious :)

  10. How lovely to have found these beautiful quilts. I never see things like this in the shops in this country, you are lucky! I'm glad you managed to rescue two of them and bring them home to be loved. They are with someone who fully appreciates them now I think! How lovely for Stella to have her own room. My littlest boy got his own room a few weeks ago, and he does love having his own space for his own things. It makes him very happy. I hope you both enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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