Sunday, December 22, 2013


The week went so much faster than I expected! Monday morning, I had a job interview in town and after an hour process. I got hired!!  Tuesday morning, there were so many phone calls made to car dealers then off we went; the same night we have a car of our own. That gives us so much more freedom to move around in town. Wednesday morning, S was at school before 8, so I could make it on time to the new job. Thursday and Friday were both long days from the new job since I haven't been working since we moved away.

S and I both got so very excited on Friday night! We were planning our Saturday schedual together.   S got three boxes of her books from the storage and her sewing machine. I finally found the winter coat, snow boots, and most importantly the sweet Bernini is home with me!  She was doing great when I unpacked her! The exterior was the same with some marks that made in last many years. The interior was very cold! I let her sat over night just to make sure she is in the room temperature before I start sewing with her. This morning, she has been taking care and a small test drive was in action.

The very first thing I made was a coaster. As you know, as tea lovers we drink tea all year around and drink coffee when I can{ now I try to have one cup a week since the surgery}. It seems important to have coasters made for our cups. I can't tell you why at this moment.  Then a simple pin cushion for sewing pin is needed. The mini pin cushion was left to my sister, so she can try to sew on her own. The size of the new pin cushion is finished at 4"x4". Each small square is cut in 1.5"x1.5" and hand-quilted onto the cotton batting. This time, I stuffed it with scrap batting. It makes the pincushion really nice and the pins stay in well.

S picked up her prints for her coaster and requested it in half triangle cuts. Hers is with small prints on and almost pastel colors to me. She is devouring her books since they got unpacked! She eats gummies as she enjoys her books! That's the kinda of lifestyle runs at {1/4" mark} home; a sewing mama and a reading S.  S is finding her ways in the new school and making new friends as well. Cross my fingers for the next semester will be fun and enjoyable for her.

I haven't started any holiday sewing.  None of the gifts will make it on time and some of them might even need to be postpone till 2014. It feels strange not able to send out any gifts this year.  No baking for us this year since all the holiday cookie recipes are in the storage. Maybe this is the reason that I am lack of feeling Christmas is around the corner. The oven has been off and the living room has been quiet without the sound from the cuts,  assembling from the machine and self talking while search for "the fabric".  Today, I am glad I have been making few noises in the living room and that has been a great start for me.  Have you been productively working on this last weekending before Christmas? Enjoy your sewing; I am. so. very .much. loving. this. weekending~



  1. aaah.. glad to hear that you be able to sewing again ... and congratulations on your new job , wishing you the best of luck in everything. Take care, dear..

  2. Welcome back and congrats to the new job! Great that you got the sewing machine back, and that it is up and running! Christmas will come anyway, cookies or not, and I hope you'll have time to relax, drinking alot of tea and eating cookies!!! Merry christmas and the best wishes for new year!!!

  3. Congratulations on getting the job, I hope you will be very happy there. It will take a while for you to settle back in and find all your things I think, so just take it one day at a time and enjoy the little things. No need to worry about making gifts or doing loads of Christmas baking. Be easy on yourself! I hope you both have a really lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year. CJ xx

  4. Congratulations on your new job and so fast too! That must be a weight off your shoulders. Have a lovely Christmas to you and S xxx

  5. You have been a great inspiration to me for a long time and I have not stopped to say so. I am glad you are settling and sewing. I wish you and your daughter a wonderful holiday and new year.

  6. Congratulations on your new job, Chase. Hope all the settling back in the US is going well for both of you. Merry Christmas and happy and blessed new year to you and Stella.

  7. Congratulations on your new job!!!
    I'm so happy reading your post and knowing that you and S are getting time with your favourite things!
    I haven't been sewing because I'm fortunate to have my daughter staying with us over the holidays and she is sleeping in my sewing room!
    I can't wait to make little half square triangles like yours...they are adorable!
    I'm loving my little mini ipad pouch...I have little quilt blocks living in it right now!
    I have good intentions to get my husband to help me get pictures to your site!
    Merry Christmas to you and S and all the best for a Happy New Year!

  8. Chase, congratulatins on your new job! :)
    Your new coasters look so nice :) It is very nice to see your sewing machine and your box with fabrics again :) And Stella and her big book! :) So, enjoy the festive time, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for you and Stella! ***


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