Monday, September 2, 2013

The Triangle Pouch

Just like what S asked for, a triangle pouch on the sides and big! I used {10" zakka style zipper} for her pencil pouch and she picked the lock for the {zipper charm}.  No surprise with the special prints that she requested. It is really Big! She loves the size of it and feels great that finally she owes a pencil pouch that mama made her. She never have to asked one when we lived in states, since there was no need to bring pens and other supplies to school daily.  Over the years, S has received many nice pouches from friends who kindly made special pouches for S and mailed them to her. She keeps these special pouches for different usages likely to keep her special collections.

I used the bias-binding to bound off the seams allowances and it helps the pouch stands better and gives nice 3 dimension.  For the zipper ends, I sewn the small piece of fabric on then hand binding the sides to make nice closures. I love how this pouch turns out and I think I need to make one for myself soon.  The lining fabric didn't fuse onto interfacing, since it seems fit the pouch more flow without it.  The orange/yellow print fits nicely with the main print that S picked.

Today was the first full day school for S. She is overwhelmed with long school hours when she got home. She is slowly learning the differences. Surely there are challenges in this new chapter of her little life.  Like many of mamas, I crossed my fingers for S to have a good day when she leaves the house. There's always something that we need to learn. It is her time to take the lead of this new journey, since I can't be there for her, but I secretly wish do so.  S is loving Lucky comes to pick up her from school and boy, I think this little pup knows time to go pick up S. He has busy so quiet all day long till he picked up his friend.

Thank you for the sweet congrats on { #254 sewing shop}. Thank you so very much for your orders. I am so thrilled that so many of you have check into the sewing supplies.



  1. I hope Stella enjoys her school time in this new country. It will be a fantastic experience for her I think, one that she will learn much from and one that she will always remember. Hope you both have a lovely week.

  2. I can imagine S's excitement over this pouch :)

  3. Love the pouch, Chase! Do you remember what the dimensions of the fabric were? If it finished at 10", then... I have trouble figuring out the other dimension of such pouches so they are in good proportion. Did you hand sew the zipper? Gorgeous!

  4. Cute pouch and it sounds like S is making a nice transition into the classroom.


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