Monday, September 9, 2013

Random: Has it Fall yet?

Have you heard of {Fall Tiger}?? It is a saying here;  it refers the last minutes of summer heat and humidity give the last push. It is hot during the days, but early mornings and nights have some nice breeze come in from the windows and doors. I think I need to start accepting no sweaters for me this Fall and no quilt making. I did feel sad when I realize that I won't make a Fall quilt this year. Normally, it is the time of the year, we pull our quilts out and wash them. Rotate summer quilts into Fall quilts. Lots pie making; we love apple pies!!  I wish  to make a big quilt when I return! Yes, that big roll of batting has been calling my name!

Another fabric pull for a new project. I started over the weekending and it is almost done and hope soon to show and tell.  It is always fun to pull out fabric boxes even I have limited prints here with me. { sometimes, I hear my fabrics are calling my name over thousand miles away, but I know my dear friend is taking great care of them for me}.   Lucky has been missing S being home! He is bored with me! He spends little time in the room with me and most of the time on the other side of the house. When he walks in, he doesn't do much, then quickly walk out not even a goodbye sniffle. Every afternoon he waits the the sound of keys and he knew it is time to pick up S. At that time, I am his best friend again.

The sewing table is really messy! During the day, I take it over with all the scraps, threads, and cups; once S return from school it will transfer into a study table. S is doing fine in the new school, but there are some parts that we are still working on together. The difficulty of reading every subject in Chinese and sometimes to understand the meaning is hard for her. Her favorite time has been Lunch time. It is the time she gets to relax and have a nice meal in the classroom. There are many homework from school and S needs to spend extra hours to work on them, but she never complains. I knew it is not that easy for someone who have never learn to write in complex words. School days are longer and schedules are different, hopefully she will adopt the differences.  Thankfully we have finally found a piano teacher last week. S is over the moon to have a teacher to help her to learn again. We do need to travel a little far in distance, but it is worth the scooter ride.

Many small projects keep me going and my dear aunt just brought me all the last photos fabric to play with. My aunt makes lovely handbags for herself. It is so sweet of her sharing her stash with me. I can't decided what to make, maybe a quick market tote for me and bottle tote for S to bring to school.

{Thank you so much} for the {mini ipad tutorial}. It is always fun to write up a tutorial post! Hope you have enjoy it and the photos are being helpful~ Almost time to pick up S from school. She gets off at 4 today and surely she is going to look exhausted from the heat in the classroom and a long day at school, but I love to hear how her day went.



  1. I never heard about Fall tiger before, but sure we have those now .. the weather just getting crazy everyday, yesterday we had quite fair amount of rain after month no rain at all and now here is again .. humidity is back. Oh My .. same as your place maybe, Chase.
    Chase, your fabrics collection are so pretty .. *mouthwatering mode on Lol..

  2. that's a lot of beautiful fabric, Chase. Looking forward to seeing your newest project. I was so glad to hear Stella's adjusting well to her new school, hope things are great and she enjoys her school and new friends a lot.

  3. Beautiful fabrics Chase. I'm glad to hear S is adjusting well. Best wishes for you two. XX

  4. Hi Chase! I'm so happy to read your blogposts again. I think it's a sign that you and Stella are getting into a Taiwan routine! Here in the U.S. we have Indian Summer. It's when hot unseasonable weather comes in the autumn after it has already been cold.
    You have the most beautiful stash! I love looking at it!
    Enjoy your week-

  5. You've got a pretty good stash going there! The BIG stash here wants out of the closet, but I'm keeping it safe!:) Hugs to you and Stella

  6. Lovely fabrics!
    It is great that S has a piano teacher!
    We are lucky enough to have sunshine here ... it makes it hard to be inside sewing right now!
    Can't wait to get back to your mini ipad tutorial this weekend...if not sooner!

  7. I agree with other readers: your fabric stash is amazing! :)

    It is very nice news, that Stella has piano teacher! It is great!!

    Have a great time! Jola


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