Sunday, September 1, 2013

#254 sewing shop

After months of talking and thinking. I have decided to open a second etsy shop that carries fine sewing supplies that made in Taiwan. {# 254 sewing shop} is where you can purchase fine and great quality of sewing supplies. The supply inventory will grow next few months and shop announcement will from time to time.

Currently the shop is carrying great and high quality of zippers in size 8" {comes 8 different colors}and 10" {comes 3 different colors}. We have 10 different charms for you to choose from.  These charms are made with nice metal/ brass and the shapes are in great details. The charm pull heads are  flexible which allow you to attach to the zipper for zipper head pull.

Over the years, I have been using these zakka zippers for {inch mark shop} zippered pouches or gifts to friends. I really like to give the best quality to the customers.

There's a little fantasy land in my mind that someday, I will run a real front store. It is me, I like meeting new people and helping them to find the right tools, supplies, or even just chat with them. It is great to meet people and knowing they love what I do.  Before the real front store happens another shop sounds fancy and exciting for me. I will also continue { inch mark shop} where I sell my handmade fabric items. 

## Please use SEWINGSHOP to receive 10% discount. The coupon code expired on 9/3/2013

 Why #254 sewing shop?

#254 is the house number that I grew up with and it is a perfect fit for the shop name. Each year, we received two packages from an address that started with #254 and that reminds us Taiwan, only. We hope you will like {#254 sewing shop}.



  1. Wonderful Chase, I hope it is successful for you, you deserve it. And I hope your dream of a store front shop comes true one day too, I think you would be very good at it.

  2. the charms are so cute! I added your shop to my favorites and will hopefully buy something soon.

  3. Oh, it is very interesting news, Chase! :) I will add your new e-shop to my favourites too.
    Have a great time :)

  4. congratulations on the new shop. I know it will do well and I hope it gets you on your way to having a front door shop, too.

  5. Congratulations, Chase! Very excited for you and your new venture. Wishing you every success and I'm certain one day you will have store front shop. Now I'm off to go visit that new shop of yours....

  6. It's so great that you started this shop, Chase! Those charms are perfect for zipper pouch makings!


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