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Tutorial: mini ipad pouch

After made the {mini ipad pouch} for my sister. I was ready to make a second one to edit the size of the pouch. It is really a simple design and I love how this turns out. There are few things that I have changed and added.  This might be another long tutorial post again, 43 images and hope everything below will explain the process and materials clear for this project. You may adjust the size of the block cuts and make into a regular ipad pouch or pouches for letters or store notebooks when you go on a meeting.


Cut 60 pieces of 2"x2" 
Cut 2 piece of 8"x9.5" for lining
Cut 1 piece of 4.5"x9" for closure/cover exterior
Cut 1 piece of 4.5"x9" for closure/cover lining
Cut 1 piece of 3" of elastic or leather trim for making loop   
       1 wooden button

{ Sewing tools}
Sewing machine
in-between needle
quilting thread 
cotton batting 
sewing thread 
rotary cutter
your faviorte cup of tea/ coffee

{{Set your seam allowance at 1/4" unless noted!}}

 1. sew 6 pieces of 2"x2" together into a row

 2. For the front and back of the exterior; each needs 5 rows per one side.

 3. join the rows together. flip the seams to the opposite side to avoid the bulky seam allowance

 4.  after join the rows.  The piece will have 6 pieces of 2"x2" across and 5 pieces of  2"x2" down.

 5.  the back seam look

 6. You'll repeat step #4 for second exterior piece

 7. press the seams with warm heated iron in the back

 8. Open seams help later hand-quilting or machine quilting

 {{prepare for hand-quilting}}

 9.  baste the two patchwork pieces onto batting { i used warm and natural cotton batting}.
Check on the {hand-quilting tutorial} for more hand-quilting details

 10.  hand-quilting gives nice texture look if you never try. Even it is not even, it gives nice characteristic. It is a very nice way to give patchwork handmade additional care. It does require extra time and carefulness on each project. It is great for road trip or waiting someone special to finish school/ lessons.

 11. After finished hand-quilting/machine quilting, You'll have two pieces the exterior front and back piece.

 12.  now set your seam allowances to 1/8" inch.

 13. use 1/8" seam allowance and baste the perimeter of the front and back patchwork pieces. It is a way to avoid the loose seams between sewn fabric pieces.

 14. trim off  the excess batting; both patchwork pieces. :::: note::: often time, there is possible that the finished patchwork measurement is off from what planned. I encourage you to remeasure the finished quilted patchwork piece before cut your lining. Sometimes, it might be off by 1/4" or 1/8".

 15. cut 1 piece of 4.5"x9" for the front of closure/cover; baste on the cotton batting

 16. begin {hand-quilting}/ machine quilting

 17.  finish quilting patchwork piece for closure/ cover

 18. set 1/8" seam allowances and baste around the piece.

 19. trim off the excess batting

 20. take the elastic/ leather core and fold in half then sew onto the bottom edge of the cover piece.
::: note::: the loop will be towards to the top and the end of the loop will be at the bottom edge of the cover piece.

 21. Cut 1 piece of 4.5"x9" for the cover lining. Set your seam allowance to 1/4" sew around the edges of the closure/cover piece, but leave the side that has the elastic/leather core end open.

 22.  Find a round shape of object then draw curves on two sewn corners of the piece. Mark.b.gone pen would be perfect pen for this marking.

 23. turn the cover piece inside out. press the cover edges with medium heat. Set your seam allowance to 1/8" sew around the edge of the cover piece.  Set the cover piece aside.

 24. Bring two patchwork pieces out. Set them right side together.

 25. to match the seams. I always pin around the pieces together then flip corns up and check if the lines are matched.

 26. sew the pieces together; leave the top open . Now the patchwork pieces are joined and turn it inside out.

 25. Take the patchwork pouch and cover piece out; lay the open side together.

 26. Find the center point of the patchwork pouch piece and center of cover piece. Join the center point together then pin   ::: note::: Likely you can fold the pouch and cover pieces in half. Careful use be.gone. pen to make center point marks for both pieces. 

 27. set the seam allowances to 1/8".  Sew the edge of the cover piece to the patchwork pouch.

 28. take off the pins and check the back of your sewn two pieces.

 29. check your front sewn two pieces. set the joined pieces aside

30. Cute 2 pieces of 8.5" x9". This is for the patchwork pouch lining.

 31. Set two lining cuts right side together

 32. Pin two lining pieces together. At the bottom of the lining pieces mark a 2.5" wide opening for later pulling the patchwork piece out. Remember use back stitches at the purple markings on the both ends. That give nice reinforcement for later patchwork pulling.

 33.  Turn the joined lining pieces inside out.

 34. Turn the patchwork pouch piece outside in.

 34. place the lining piece inside the patchwork piece.

35.  First line the lining and the patchwork piece on two sides of the sewn seams. This would allow flatten the exterior and interior pieces flow better in the pinning stage.  Pin around the edge of both pieces together.

 36. Sew the edge of pouch with 1/4" allowance.  :: note:: I tend to start from one side of the sewn seam then go around the edge to give a nice complete finish. 

37. remember the 2.5" wide opening that you left on step #32

 38.  Now, gently pull the patchwork piece out from the opening.  When pulling the patchwork piece out the both ends of the opening tends to open wide if didn't add the back stitches to reinforce.

 38. Bring the lining piece inside the patchwork pouch. Make sure the lining and patchwork line nicely together. Gently press with warm iron  .  Top stitch the edge of the patchwork pouch; use 1/8" seam allowance to sew around. { sorry I miss the photo}.  Now you are getting closer to the end...

 39. Use ladder stitch to close the lining opening. It gives a nice and clean finish.

 40. Attach the wooden button in an appropriate space. It will depend on your elastic/ leather core's finish length.

This mini ipad gives 1" empty space at the top of the pouch when it closed. I purpose design it, so it won't be so tight when it closed. If you prefer fitted case, you may sew joined 4 rows down instead of 5.

Hope you enjoy your way down here and I would love to see if you make your personal mini ipad pouch.. or just a special patchwork pouch is done! As you noted, that I changed the elastic to leather core during the process. I thought I'd give a different style look. This tutorial took a very long time to write. I went a bit fancy to create a little watermark for each photo and it took longer than then I though. While S is in school I was able to focus on the words and hope it all make sense to you.   If you ever make one please join us at {made with 1/4" mark Flickr group}.



  1. beautiful as ever Chase and fab tutorial thank you!

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  3. i love this! i've been looking at different mini ipad pouch tutorials to make for a friend=yours is the one i'm going to use. it's beautiful and so stylish. thanks!

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing us :-)
    Greetings from Italy, Emanuela

  6. Great!! It is really very nice tutorial! Thank you! :) And I have to say (as always), that I like your choice of fabric - colors and prints. So nice result :)
    Have a great time!

  7. Ohhhh Thank You so much!!!!
    Great tutorial..wonderful pictures!
    I'm going to see about making one today!
    Thanks for being so generous to share this!

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    Bodil, Norway

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  16. Hi Chase,

    I just finished having such a wonderful day making your mini Ipod case...and I don't even have an Ipod!!!
    What a scrumptious little bag!
    The tutorial was great with all the photos.
    I will see if I can get some help to post pictures soon!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Hello from South Brazil


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