Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random: Rain more and sew more

The rain woke me up at 3a.m. this morning. It was pouring on the roof and sounded in a hurry. S was still sounded in sleep with a little turning and  more turning.  It is hard to go back to sleep for awhile, so I check on the news and saw more flooding news. Now, I think a little rain break would be nice.

I sent this little big girl off to school this morning. S, an official 4th grader. She let me took her first day of photos and asked if Lucky can be in the photo, too.  She took the giant pencil pouch in the backpack with her and stuff all her things. S gave Lucky a few hugs and told him, I am going to school. You need to be a good boy and wait for me.  Lucky seems understand what S was telling him. He wiggled his tail as we left the house.

When we arrived the school. I asked S to lead the way, so I could make sure she remembers her classroom. Yes, she got to the classroom without troubles then I left her with out pink eyes in me. The first few weeks will be so new for her and she will have so much to share with me when she sees me.

Lucky and I are staying at home. He is walking around the house and busy checking sounds from the windows.  The two mini quilts are almost ready! I've sewn the binding on this morning and need to hand binding in the back. More rain pours down and some nice wind from the door by the sewing table. It reminds me the Fall in the states.  I wish have a big oven, so I could bake some yummy cookies. Raining day is cookies and bread making day.

Thank you for all the well wishes... they are all being collected and sent with S to the first day of school. Now, I just need to wait till she gets home from school. First day of full sewing day for me and first day of full school day for S.



  1. Sounds very new and exciting for both of you and Lucky too!
    I hope the rain stops soon...I thought we were having a lot here in Vancouver Canada but not compared to you!
    Can't wait to hear how both your days were!

  2. So sweet. I hope S's first day of school went well AND I hope the rains soon stop. I love to see what you're sewing, too. Your quilt projects look so soft and sweet.

  3. Oh, it is really big day for both of you :) And for little Lucky too :) I can´t wait to read about Stella´s first full day in the school :)

  4. Now you 2 will get into a lovely routine and feel settled! I think Stella will be so popular in school. All the kids will want to know about her life in America! I love the picture of Stella and Lucky-so cute! Please keep us updated.

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  6. Oh, I hope she had a good first day of school! S is just adorable and so full of joy in everything she does. Please tell her that there are a lot of people out here in Blogland who are wishing her well! And to you, too, Mama! I know it must be difficult to let her make her way in that new world without you, but you did so well to not cry when taking her to school!
    Let us know how everything went and keep quilting and sewing away...


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