Sunday, August 25, 2013


After the typhoon left, the weather often cools off by 2-3 degrees. The breeze results nice day to be out and about. S and I decided to stay home for the morning then off on the scooter ride in the later afternoon. School starts this week and we are not really doing much only getting the mind ready and getting ready for  new school perspective on our mind.

Now, I looked back our summer was a big preparation for the new school system and at least give S some idea about the new language and at least a little concept idea about how the character strokes go. At least she can " picture" words in her mind and by that she could approach the learning a new and fun way.   I gave S pats on the shoulder each day after our learning session. When mama became a teacher is a bit not the same; perhaps confuses her a bit. I have to stay my role as I play and it is not as easy as it sounds.  We both felt frustrated to start with, but we have come together after "talks" that we made daily. Remember we talk three things we like per the day and three things we don't like per the day. One of part that S didn't like was mama is my teacher. 

Planning "a training path" for Lucky to go on the training plan was fun. Stacked all books on the floor and asked Lucky to go on. Lucky followed the plan, but was a bit nervous to stay on the chair.  It is always cute to see them play together. Lucky always " needs" to be part of what S does. He waited quietly and waited his term to play.

I was able to finish S' music tote last week. Did you guess the fabric print? No surprise, right?  Each time, when we go on a trip. I like to give S a little travel funding. She would use the little funding to purchase anything that she likes on the trip. Either spend the funding on one item or spend the money on several items. This time when we were in Japan. She decided to purchase a 1/2 meter fabric, Pokemon. I followed S' requests/ design to finish the tote. I used the linen for the main exterior for the tote. Used the printed fabric for the bottom and the handle. S requested a tag on the side, so she could hang some stuffed animal on. She is pleased with the outcome and I am glad that she has a tote to carry her books now.

Summer heat is getting mild since last few days. I started look for Fall to come, another month or two. It will be here before I know it. Just though I haven't been home for 7 plus years for the Fall season. It will be new and refresh time for S and I.



  1. I'm glad that you guys are doing ok, there. It's almost fall but we at Midwest just get a 'hot' summer weather - 90F more for a week, so strange..
    I love the acorn - so cute, perfect with the tote.

  2. I'm very impressed with Stella's writing, it's fantastic. Glad that it will soon be getting cooler for you. You are right, it will be here in a flash. Hope you both have a lovely week.

  3. Lucky will miss Stella when she's in school, but they will have such a nice reunion when she gets home each day!

  4. I do wish, when you move back to the states, you're able to get S a little dog. She sure loves Lucky so much and he's a great friend and companion for her. I love watching them bond.

  5. Good luck to S on her new school. Lucky is going to miss her when she is at school.

  6. I always love your weekending posts.


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