Monday, August 12, 2013

mini quilt: bridal bouquet

{Thank you for all the kind comments.} It is always  flatter to read your comment.  Sometimes, my sister thinks that I always make {old} fashion things. She thinks some of my works are like grandmother's, but for sure she loves getting any { grandma look} work from me.  She does love having a sis who sews and could help her fix things up.

Finally, it is started to rain here { hope for lots of rain}. We have a typhoon approaching us, but not directly to the island {Taiwan}. We look forward some heavy rain this week.

This week, S and I will visit the school here and get all schedule ready. Getting uniform { Yes, children wear uniform to school here}. She is a bit excited about the uniform. We are both thinking just give it a go.  Even S might tear for the first few days, but it is part of learning and experiencing of new life. Let go the fear and move on... shall we plan this approach?  She is gaining a bit of confident lately as her language process is going well and less frustrations.  

Between spending time with S and finding little personal sewing time. I have finished this mini quilt: bridal bouquet a few days back. It is done by the English Paper Piecing {EPP} method. I decided to make a small version of it since making small projects are much comfortable in the time that I have now. The mini quilt is hand-quilted on 100%  warm and natural batting { I brought about a full size in the suitcase with}.  The quilt always gets soften after the hand-quilting. The hands wore the batting fiber out and make the quilt soft and fluffy.  The colors are really vibrate and have nice contrast between the low volume prints. Hand-bound with DS print. This mini quilt is placed in the {shop}.



  1. so lovely, chase! much work for sure. :)
    I remember wear uniform from kindergarten until high school at public school - the private school kids wear more nicer uniform, make us jealous sometime :) and always have a Monday ceremony to respect our flag, our anthem .. what a days. Hopefully Stella will love her new school ..

  2. Oh, Chase, your sister is really funy! :) :) Your new mini quilt is amazing!!! And I am sure, that Stella looks amazing in her new school uniform too! :) I believe, everything will be O.K. and Stella will love her new class and new friends :)
    Have a great day

  3. I love your mini quilt so much!!!! I bought the paper pieces after I first saw you working on it and am looking forward to making my own. I don't always comment about it (because I don't always know what to write) but I really enjoy reading about your life overseas with S.

  4. its pretty and it caught my eye and inspired me today ..

  5. well done, as usual. I hope S has a nice transition into the new school

  6. I just LOVE your hand quilting sooo much! It adds such softness to your projects!

  7. I just LOVE your hand quilting sooo much! It adds such softness to your projects!


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