Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Random: sewing mind

When we decided to take the oversea move adventure. We knew it will be not be easy and we knew if we work together we'll be able to overcome anything, together. Oh boy, have we under estimated? Things that pop into our new life lately weren't even being thought and listed while we talk about moving oversea back then.  We work exhausted together for last few weeks and finally seeing some lights and smiles. I didn't want to come up here and repeat the same problems that we are facing and working now. I hope to keep {1/4" mark} a place that you come and enjoy a bit of our this and that.

When we make any moves. I like to settle down as soon as possible, so life can still be the same and we can still keep the simpleness of lifestyle, but what I didn't thought through was S' reaction as she is an older child now. She has ideas about herself and ways of learning. We have been in some of the battling of learning the proper language and adopting the new life at the same time. 

This mama decided she needs to take a step back and just spend good quality of time to help S to adopt to learn and to review. We started from the very basic then take a step forward to a bit of challenge each day. Just like what we used to help each other. I applause my little fella "Keep up, you are doing good job". She needs a little more encouragement and I knew mama needs to give more of that to her.  The private tutor for learning the language wasn't best way to learn, so we stop the Wednesday tutoring night. Mama take over the teaching part and start to add different card games to learn and invited Lucky to join the game.  We have been spending some of our days to fix schedules and redefine what works and what really are yucky to work on.

Some of the mornings, we spent in the local store where we could have a bit of cool air to work on some study or just read a good book.  In the later afternoons, we try to go out  (even it closed to 100 degree each day) to local libraries, book stores, even just get on the scooter and have a ride somewhere. We tasted different local food and stop by the fresh made juice stand for some iced watermelon juice.

We pick up some hand drawings for the art activities. A little different from the past is we used refilled calligraphy pen. It gives some nice brush looks and making different marks. S loves the brush paint that she made.

Some of days, when it is hot and humid.  These days make S antsy and doesn't want to do much. We sit back and relax; do nothing, but enjoy the Lucky time. I must admitted that I love this pup and thank him for being here and being S' bff. It is always just fun to watch them play and Lucky comes to me for some pats.

S is much better and started seeing life is different and only we make changes on our own to adopt the new environment. We talk a lot, cry a little, fought a little, hug a lot, and make plans... I do love to have a semi grown up child. It seems easier to share and she seems understand a little clear.  

When we first moved back. I have set my  mind not to change anything in the room and just keep the way it is. It really didn't work and we both not like to spend time in the room together. The room is full with things and doesn't give us enough room to move around.

I had to recycle the mattress that has been in the room for many, many, many, many, many, many  years. It is heavy and took almost half of the space of the hardwood floor. The sheet that on top of the mattress was worn. The window shade was broken and covered with dust. Then we decided to recycle the cover. Suddenly, the room is brighter and bigger. Last few days, S and I were in different stores look for a small mattress for me and a new cover for the window.  Finally, I found a really simple bamboo mattress that can be folded into thirds if no in use and found a perfect simple curtain for the room. The room is big and clean. It reminds us a bit like our ND home, but limited fabric and books here.

I pick up sewing really slow and finally made a mini ipad cover for my sister. She is pleased and so am I. Mom has requested a handbag and that gives me some work to do.  The idea/ sewing mind is in action makes me delight and seeing S slowly adopting the new culture makes this move meaningful. Each day, I spend a few hours in front of the machine that is a treat for me now. I sure there will have more challenges and adventures come to us till our return, but so far we are breathing and making each day a progress day as we can. School is starting in 3 weeks, but S needs a lot of encouragement to attend school. I am still working on that...

I put the sewing mind a step back and need apologize no being able to finish the tutorial right away. It is half way through, but haven't being make into final stage. Hope when S is more confident and settle in new school system I can finish the bag.  Meanwhile, I am working slowly each day. A bit of daily photo can be seen on IG

Thank to friends who sent S cards to keep her think that she is not being forgotten. She loves getting your letters and cards in the mail.  These days make her feel special and puts up a big smile!  This mama is exhausted in a good way and glad each day she found new energy to go a little further. 



  1. i bet once S gets to school her language skills will come on in leaps and bounds - once she gets there i'm sure she will make lots of friends.
    It's nice to hear that you are developing such a close bond and able to spend so much time together, treasure your time together as they grow up far too fast.

  2. It is such a big journey you are on. The primary teacher part of me knows haw tricky it is to teach your own child- you are in mother mode and teacher mode together and that is complicated but it sounds like you are doing a great job and giving her space to adapt to all the changes

  3. Oh my, you really have my biggest respect. I don´t know, if I dared a step like this. It´s grear you can enjoy life in Little steps and it´s a big adventure for your both relationsship.

  4. I think you're doing a great, beautiful job! Just keep on following your instints! Good luck!

  5. I know it is hard to adjust to so many changes at one time, but in years to come you and Stella will look back on this year in Taiwan with so many fond memories! That doesn't help much now though does it?
    P.S. Lucky is so cute!!!!

  6. I love reading about your journey. Motherhood is never easy but S is so fortunate to have such a sweet caring mother.

  7. I don't know many children who do want to return to school after the holidays ! Once S makes new friends she'll be happy about school again ! Thinking of you both . Hope the heat stops soon .

  8. It takes time to adjust to any move - something that I experienced when we moved to another province from the only place my sons had ever known. Like you're experiencing with S, it took time for my sons to adjust - we went through some ups and downs (some of these were surprising and quite difficult at the time), but with the loving patience you're giving your daughter, things will get better, just as they did for us. I think you're doing the most important things, Chase. You're listening to S and her needs with love, kindness and respect and adapting your plans as needed. Motherhood can be so challenging - but there's nothing that comes close to being as rewarding. You and your daughter will grow even closer through these new experiences. You're a good mom!

    Sending you both hugs and keeping you in my thoughts...

  9. I would like to write you many and many encouraging words, but because of my poor knowledge of English language - I just write you: I keep my figers crossed for you and for Stella. I am thinking of both of you!
    Jola **

  10. Perhaps you could simply tutor Stella at home in her American studies and skip sending her to the school in Taiwan. Then when you return to the US, she won't be behind in her studies and will be able to pick up where she left off when you moved. Nobody can teach a child the way her own mother can. You are the one person who knows Stella's learning style better then anyone else. You have the patience amd determination that it takes to do the job! There is a wealth of information on the internet for homeschooling - worksheets to print out and lessons to follow, etc. I think it would be a great bonding experience for the two of you. Just a thought. :o)

  11. I admire you so much and know that things will improve and that your daughter will one day thank you for being such a caring and thoughtful presence. It was so brave to up and move and you must give yourself credit for this!!!! Single parenting is never easy,but you will be fine - I just know it. Love that Stella has a buddy - so important!

  12. It's hard, I know. And it's hard when our girls (I have 3) start growing up and having ideas and feelings that aren't what we expected. My oldest is just six years old, and I'm already experiencing some of this -- it's been a bit of a shock to me too. Don't get discouraged. You are a family with your own way of doing things, and you have to do what's best for the two of you. Make the decisions that you know are going to work. I'm praying for you. :)

  13. It sounds like you are so in control of the situation, and although you have hit a bump, you will figure it out. S will adapt and you will mak sure she is ok with her new school and surroundings. sending a hug to you both

  14. I read this couple days ago, I didn't say anything but put all your experience into mine! I don't think I'm strong enough and brave enough to do like what you do now. You are such a sweet lady, caring mom and always become a good role model for your lovely Stella. You always on my pray and tough, everything will be ok .. one day when you getting older, and Stella is growing up will remember every situation you've been through and bring a big smile on your face. You can do it !! Big hugs from me to you and Stella *bear hugs, for sure :)))


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