Monday, July 31, 2017

Slow Stitching Studio

As I worked on the new appliqué piece, I took notes on the sewing tools and materials frequently being use.   I though I'd write two separate posts about the hand-applique (or maybe narrow down to one). Would it be good idea to give some pros and cons on the tools I use?  Does any of you like hand appliqués?

The mini floral appliqué is finished at 3.5"x3.5". I had to scale it down, so it can fit into a 4"x6" frame. I did a couple test printings before finalized the size and love the end of piece! The challenge probably was making the small circles to be "rounded" before hand appliqué down. I decided to let the red stitches to be more seen and found this time. Lots Feedsacks fabrics are used and they are my favorites to work on hand appliqué. I'd also recommended light weight-cotton, Liberty London fabrics, and lawn fabrics are perfect, too.  Just a lot possibilities for the hand appliqué. You don't really need a large pieces for small shapes. The smallest pieces that I've worked on is 0.5"x 0.5". So you can save all the tiny scraps for it.

The floral appliqué that was finished a few weeks ago got framed after I got new frames from IKEA. This time, I have better luck on getting it into the frame. The linen that was use as background is white and I would really love to used snow white next time if I have access to some snow-white linen. It probably will give the piece more in-depth turnout.

Since last Fall, I've been getting back to hand appliqué more.  It is a slow stitching studio practice, but somehow I really enjoy sitting down and hand-stitching small pieces together. I am tickled have them finished and framed now. The second large hand appliqué piece that I made last year has been made into a {travel outbound bag} and have been use it for storing vintage patterns. It is a larger travel outbound bag and I would love to travel with it soon!

I've also had the second Honey Cowl off the needles and cast the third one on! This time, I used knit stitches and it goes really quick! Did you know, yarn stitching is so nice on the bus rides, waiting at the doctor's office and trip to Brooklyn. I've also got some new yarn from the sale section and have casted on the fourth cowl. I'll keep practicing until I am ready for a shawl and guess what? The pattern have been purchased and just need to sit down and learn the new stitching names and how. Of course, getting new yarns and fancy a shawl for this Fall.

{Shop Talk} 
Thank you again and again for your support and positively responds about the {Boathouse Pouch Sewing Pattern}. I hope you'll love the pattern and enjoy making it! I will be making a large custom order base on Boathouse pouch pattern and can hardly wait to start pulling fabrics out. I've made a set for my sister right after the finished the pattern writing.  The scooter print and the car print are just perfect for her!

Thank you all so much for taking your time and leave kindly commons on the patterns you have purchased. You know that means a lot to me as a designer and great impact on the feature patterns that I write and inputs to improve for as well, {Thank You}!

I've been working on another pattern and is almost ready transfer into a PDF formate, not bag nor pouch pattern this time. I've been acquired materials and fabric to work on different methods of piecing. The sewing pattern will be release in this upcoming Fall.  It is surely my Big Apple City life inspiration since I relocated here!  Stay turn.

more later...



  1. What yarn are you using for the cowl? Those colors are beautiful together!

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