Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Boathouse Pouch Sewing Pattern

Happy Mid-Summer! I am super excited to have my newest PDF sewing pattern, Boathouse Pouch release during the mid-summer days.  I've been working on the pouch concepts since early spring and created a few prototypes before finalized the pouch shape and best way to approach Boathouse Pouch sewing techniques.

Oh, Boathouse Pouch, you ask? This is such a cute pouch and comes with great divider spaces that you'll want to give it a go!

Growing up, I’ve spent much of my summer time at my grandparents’ old red brick house that was an hour's drive away from the city I used to live. Playing in the rice field, feeding cows, catching frogs, walking barefoot in creeks, and getting in trouble by picking the neighbor’s fruits. There was a lot of outdoor activities to do during the summer time in the rural countryside; plenty dirt and mud time. 

Origami (folding paper) seemed to be the most popular craft at the time for us, kids. Grandma would sent us outdoor with a stack of newspaper that she got from the open market. My siblings and I’d fold a lot of newspaper boats and float them down the creek that resided near the brick house. We bet on who's boat would reach the end of first rock and we all screamed for our own boat to win- boat game!

{Boathouse Pouch Sewing Pattern} is an origami paper boat folding inspired pouch! This pouch has quite a few folding and turning concepts involved within the pouch design. Summer day fun and a bit of tricky and challenging sewing pattern. Nothing very difficult, just like origami, fold and turn. 

 Let me talk a little bit about the Boathouse Pouch. 

Boathouse Pouch is based and inspired by origami (paper folding) boat folding concept. As a pattern designer, I want to keep the originality of the folding boat shape and work around the measurements to suit for the pouch turning and folding technique. The pouch comes with great divider space, which have three compartments to store personal essentials.

On the photo (above), is the size 7", which is perfectly for sewing tools, stationary.  I've set my paper piecing tools, papers, spools of thread in one of boathouse pouch which comes really handy and nothing falls out the pouch.

I also love how this pouch design shows the original boathouse concept. Within the PDF sewing pattern will show you how you can sew use different fabric to sew the boat base in a different outlook. You'll be surprised how easy the tricks are and fun ideas can be play in sewing pouches.

Sew the zipper with no fears like every zippered sewing pouch pattern. Within the pattern there are step-by-step colored photos to guild you through each steps. There are a number of pages on how to attach zippers for the pouch, so you can visually see how it actually works. 

For the size 6" zipper: The small scale Boathouse Pouch has been a perfect size pouch for a quick run to the stores. Maybe petty cash, metro cards, or few coins in the pouch. The middle compartment is perfect for "cards"(Ex: business card, credit card, metro card, etc.)

The center compartment comes slightly smaller then the two side compartments. It is originally designed for storing small items. Perfect for items that you like to keep separate from others.

On the two side compartments, it allows you to store bigger objects. (Ex: UBS cards, lip stick, ear phone device, etc.) As you can image, the bottom of the boat expands and gives nice space. It's also perfect for storing needle packs, glue sticks, and rotary blade packs, use it as a sewing aid pouch!

For the 7" pouch, that you will be able to fit quite a bit of sewing essentials. As the picture shows you, there's a pair of small hand scissors, a small rotary cutter, needle book and few spools of thread can be all fit in this size of Boathouse Pouch. 

With all the tools are zipped in the Boathouse Pouch, you'll find that there's rooms for other tools. Both sides of the pouch gives you a nice roomy space.

{Boathouse Pouch PDF Sewing Pattern} 

- Boathouse Pouch Sewing Pattern is a digital downloadable PDF file. It comes with 26 pages PDF file (included sewing templates, cutting instructions, sewing instructions), Step-by Step colored photo instructions to guild you through making one Boathouse Pouch. It also comes with detailed illustrate diagrams to aid for sewing steps.

- Boathouse Pouch is an intermediate sewing pattern. Sewers have experiences in cutting fabrics, knowing operation sewing machine, have previous bag making experience, experience with instal zippers.

- Boathouse Pouch finished at app. 5.5"x 4" (size 6") and 6.5"x4.5" (size 7").

- You can find  Boathouse Pouch PDF sewing pattern through my {Etsy} and {Craftsy} pattern shops now.
- You'll need Adobe Reader to open the PDF file and free download at

---- Materials needed for making 

For 6” Boathouse Pouch materials:
-(4)Fat sixteenth fabric for exterior panels+ lining panels
-(1) 6” Metal zipper/ Nylon Zipper

For 7“ Boathouse Pouch materials:
-(4) One Fat eighth fabric for Exterior Panels
-(1) 7” Metal zipper/ Nylon Zipper

- Coordinate colored sewing thread
- Iron/ Ironing board
- Water soluble marker
- Scissors
- Sewing Machine
- 1/2 yard (18”x20”) Fusible Interfacing- Shape-Flex SF101
 - Lightweight cardboard/ recycled manila file folders (optional)
- Glue stick
- Rotary Cutter

Thank you again for all of your enthusiasm coming here to read about the creations that I share with you. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it and truly have the pleasure designing this newest pattern and wish you'll love it as well!




  1. Love the story behind this pouch Chase, and the construction looks really clever too!

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