Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Penny Square Patchwork Pouch

Another Patchwork Pouch? Indeed, this is my favorite sewing pouch style! For some reason, I've enjoy working with tiny squares and making tiny stitching process a lot more than quick projects. Big part of that is probably related to my personality and the way how I function daily; detail, think twice, take time, but I am really not slow!

I've been really miss sewing with penny squares and it seems like a process that I haven't been working on for awhile.  These days, I've always find ways and time to myself.  Sitting down for a quiet afternoon without distracting and concentrate on a single project and try to achieve and meet the end of what it might be?  It always takes few extra hours for me to finish because in between time, I have second thoughts and that might take some pauses.

This Penny Square Patchwork pouch is hand-quilted on the exterior of the pouch. Hand bind off the top raw edge, and hand sewn the zipper. I do love how this pouch turn out, versatile and lots of favorite prints. Best to that is I am so pleased how beautifully it zips up and fit quite a bit of sewing tools, knitting needles.

Hand Quilting tutorial
Hand Sewn zipper method used from {A Sidewalk Pouch PDF sewing pattern} 

I keep on cutting few more Penny Squares and store them in a small box that I found from 99 cents store (very popular store here). I love how the box opens and the size of the box is just perfect for me to "tuck" away. I'll show you  how I store my tiny scraps in the future post and also I plan on writing a hand-appliqué tutorial; tools I use, how I stitch and how I frame it! It will be another future post to look forward to.

{Shop Talk}
A few {A Sidewalk Pouch sewing kits} are available in the shop. After July 22 (next Saturday) will be discontinued and remove from the shop.   
All {A Sidewalk Pouch Sewing Kits are SOLD OUT}
You will still be able to purchase the {PDF sewing pattern} .

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  1. I do love this!! I have one of your "sidewalk pouch" kits...Coney island, I believe...I am a little embarrassed to say I ordered this a (long) while ago and I am just now working on this. It Is So Cute! I encourage everyone to get one of these kits as the material is just so nice...the colors, the material itself, everything is included and that just makes it so nice!!! Thank you!!!


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