Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Day

May is officially arrived! I am in wowing the flowers showcases in my neighborhood. It is just so pretty and gorgeous. I have been enjoying making these court step blocks lately and attempted making one block a day. This quilt has a name, did you know? I named it Corn Field, yellow and green.

Few weeks ago, I  put 12 small blocks into a large patchwork piece, just to see how it looks like, together. It is so satisfy! It didn't take much time to take the paper pieces off from the back at all! I have really gotten better with the time management in making one.  

Of course I had to add few more greens and yellows for Corn Field Quilt, since a few prints that I am using is running short and really like to save a small piece for the future.  

The back look of the patchwork piecing is so "clean" and I like how doesn't have much thread hair coming off now. It seems like a little problem for my other patchwork pieces, big and small. I often taken time with a small scissor to trim the excess thread hair before quilting. So far this quilt is neat and clean {gotta love that}. 

Did you get your Mother's Day cards mail out? I have mailed out mine last week and it should take a good 10 days to get to my mama. I hope ma will love this card that I made her this year and S made one for grandma, too.  It has been fun getting personalized cards made lately and getting things off lists. 

and did you know that I put together the farmer's wife 1930's quilt top {added the borders as well}+(yay}? It is a giant piece and I called it my EPIC quilt! I mean giant quilt=big quilt (biggest quilt I've ever made) and too big for any mattress around here. It will for sure sending to a long arm service to have it professionally done.  It doesn't fit in the floor space around here either, so I can't really take a good photo to share with you {peak over here}. I plan to work on the quilt backing soon and you'd be surprise how it look like. I want to talk more about it when I have it quilted and ready to take photos and you'd know why I called it my epic quilt, stay turn! 

Other side note:

Other than all the good sewing journeys+time, I am doing better! It is no secrete that I have been unwell for sometimes. I didn't think I should say more here, but I like to let you know when I am absent sometimes, I am resting and some of the days are harder and some of the days are better. I have a lot thoughts since met the doctor last time and have gone through some testing and waiting for report now. Please don't feel sorry for me because I don't!  

I just think that here at quarter inch mark should be a positive, energetic, and lots crazy sewing journey to share. It is hard to say days are always perfect and fill with happiness because some of the days actually felt dark, difficult and emotional
{ because i am just not well). I tried my best to keep my spirit up and take every stitch I can when I can fully focus. 

Now, take away your worries from me because that made me worry you! 
I will be alright and that's a promise! 




  1. oh dear, I wishing you well, off course the older we get the more rest we need but whatever doctor report to come will come good . Please take care and enjoy your days and mother's day treat from the love ones..

  2. Prayers and good wishes for a great report from your doctor. Hope you have a great Mother's Day.


  3. Bless you!
    Rest, You!
    And blog when you feel like it-loving this recent blogcase (kind of like a showcase in blog form!)

  4. You are in my thoughts. I don't know your circumstances, but I know when difficult times come, it can be a struggle. I hope you can keep up your positive thoughts and your wonderful spirit. You are special to your blog followers, know that!!

  5. Positive thinking, that's the spirit! And keep sewing those wonderful quilts that are a feast for our eyes. Happy mothers day!

  6. I so enjoy seeing your work and your pictures of everyday things. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes. I have made the Farmers Wife quilt too but am only half way through putting the top together. I enjoy the piecing more!

  7. You and in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a sweet lady, and I so enjoy your posts and patterns. They always make me smile.

  8. I enjoy your posts so very much. You are so genuine and it's refreshing. You have been working so hard on finishing projects. It's inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. The combination of your yellows and teals are beautiful. They are pieced perfectly. Please take care and enjoy your sewing time.


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