Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A mini quilt

The mini quilt is finished a few weeks ago. I really had hard time to decide if I should try to make a cushion, but the more I work on it the decision was really towards to another mini quilt.  This is such a cute little mini quilt!

It is the first fussy cute mini quilt that I've worked on and it is additive! I was very lucky to have friends sent and shared their treasure prints with me to make this mini quilt I've also used some from my own stash.

I love how simple this mini quilt turns out and have used versatile prints to bring out the fussy center prints. The biggest investing in this mini quilt is choosing the fabrics to make the patchwork block. It is something that I am finding it as a serious decision to make it right and gives good contrast in betweens, colors, scale of prints,  and arrangements.  I love using small sashing to bring the patchwork blocks apart, so it is letting each block to be seen individually and able to focus on its own.  As for all the mini quilts, I like to hand quilting them. It added extra texture and loveliness to the small piece of patchwork.

For the binding, it is a old print from mama said sew for Moda. I love love use gingham print for binding. I particularly love using gray/white and black/white. The white is probably more off white, so it wouldn't be extremely white or  bright.

There are three blocks didn't make it into the mini quilt. I still have not decided what to make with them, maybe another mini quilt or this time could be a small cushion or a little coasters? um.. do you finding decision making sometimes is hard!

Each small patchwork block is finished 5"x5" and the center print is cut 2.5"x2.5". I'll be sharing the template soon, but still working on the links to get it ready for you. Stay turn!


p.s. Thank you for "thinking" of me! I am much well and improving! The treatment has started and I am learning different way of of consuming food and getting into new lifestyle. It is such a hard lesson to take. I have been slowly feeling the strength back this week particularly and hopefully after the treatment is done I will be the young me again! ( giggled)


  1. Very cute and gorgeous hand quilting.

  2. I love the backing fabric too, so cute!

  3. Very cute mini with all the fussy-cutting! So glad you are also on the mend and feeling better already! Take care of yourself :)!

  4. Love the Mini. So cute. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Keep up the good work.

  5. Such a sweet little mini! I love everything about it especially your hand quilting!!!


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