Thursday, April 20, 2017

Time to harvest

Maybe you have one of this quilt finished or quilt blocks still around. Have you get it completed?  This is my Farmer's Wife 1920's quilt along from August, 2011 then I dropped off making quilt blocks after moved away from N.D. in 2013. You can view the blocks from the Flickr Page {here}.

Last year, I have finally put all the quilt blocks together.  Added the corner stones and sashing then hand-basted the quilt with a good intention of hand-quilting the sampler quilt. After letting this quilt sat for another year after basting. I convinced myself to machine quilt it and finish another work in prograss quilt! It was not an easy decision for me to machine quilt it because I really want a classic/ traditional finish look. This quilt probably was the first quilt that needed so much piecing and cutting job. I remember it was frustration at the time. Sometimes, I cut too many blocks at once and ended up mixed them together and trying to find the right pieces? It was bad idea, but it was fun sewing along with other sewers. That was motivation and encouragement, big time!

Then it is hard to move forward older projects especially when being behind from time to time then time moves on and new projects starts. I have tried to limit start and making large quilts last two years because I knew that I have come to a different sewing phrase and have cutting down fabric purchases and cutting down big commitments; making two quilts a month or sewing 10 hours a day is not happening these days.

I have also tried hard to hand quilt most of quilts when I can because I love the texture of it and the little tiny hand stitches on every little patchwork projects, not just on quilts. It is how I like to present the works and makes who I am, as a sewer, quilter, patchworker, but I have came to realized that I can't hand quilt everything . Maybe only if I stay 10 hours straight and not being interrupt and a large space to set up quilting frame (I'd be happy place).  I have been struggling the idea of hand quilting quilts this year and have been thinking maybe I need to open up to other options.

It was yesterday morning that I took down a few rolled up w.i.p quilts then pick out Farmer's Wife 1920 to work on. I decided on using simple puzzle and loops quilting pattern for the overall look on the quilt.

The batting is used Hobbs Poly-down for hand-quiltin (the original plan) which is a big different from the cotton batting that I used to for machine quilting. I love the Poly-down for hand quilting and it gives lovely texture for the little hand stitches, but for machine quilting it turns out much loose and fluffy which might not for me as I enjoy machine quilt on the cotton batting, much firm.

For the binding, I used the bias tape that I made awhile ago for the binding which is perfect for the finish look. Do you think it is a little over taken 6 years to finish a quilt ? I knew I won't be the first or last person who take years to finish a quilt.  It feels really really really good and a great accomplishment that I have finally harvest this quilt after all the dilemmas that play around;  should I or shouldn't I?  I am ready to put it in the washer this weekend when the weather is warmer.



  1. its pretty... and I love your initial letter on the back, so wonderful

  2. Its absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Well done Chase! I love the pops of black in the sashing...really looks great, and your binding choice is SO perfect!!!!

  3. Ik heb de quilt ook gemaakt in blauw off white tinten.

    Gr Jean


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