Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Forest Hill Embroidery pattern + knit bag making sewing Pattern

I am so excited to have my very first illustrated embroidery pattern launch today. It has been a great time working with illustrations and new freshly pattern ideas.  I love the different process of choosing colors, getting different tiny stitches in and make the line artworks come vivid and versatile, all together. 

Illustrating is part of my daily exercise in an informal everyday journal, getting ideas in planners, sending greeting cards, and putting kindly notes in the mail. It is something that I have been doing since in art school days and loving it so much! I have always desire to make illustrations and create/design embroidery patterns, in someway.   So here I am working on Forest Hill Embroidery Pattern as my very first try of getting the illustrations into fine line artwork and used with embroidery flosses.

Forest Hill Embroidery pattern is truly inspired from a trip to Bear Mountain, New York last Autumn. The illustrations are captured of the leaves that collected through the mountain walk. The late summer and early Autumn colors in the wood is such generous and versatile. 

Within the pattern also comes with a simple knit bag making pattern. As last year, I have made numbers of knit bags and have asked by many knitter friends how can they create something simple for their yarns, needles, and projects on the go. I though combining these two are a perfect way!

I love to share more of the the embroider pattern, I used loose count linen cloth for the embroidery. There are 7 different basic embrodiery stitches used in the embroidery pattern. The branch in the center, is created with Fishbone stitch and used three different shade of greens, finished up with stem stitch.

Both top left side two leaves used chain stitch to outline the shape then filled in with small chain stitches. Top with stem stitch for the stem and French knots.

The top coral leaf is outline with backstitch then filled in with satin stitch. Top with backstitch for the stem. 

I give the bottom green leaf two different greens to create a little fun look; used the backstitch on the outline of the leaf then used satin stitch to fill in. 

On page 5 of the PDF file pattern, you'll find a full page information on DMC embroidery color number suggestions, flosses number used, and stitch used on each line artwork. You can also create your own color scheme, to make one of your kind work!

For the knit bag making, it is a simple drawstring bag making. The bag is finished at 11.5"x11.5" that will allow to fit 3 skeins of yard, an unfinished project and few pairs of knitting needles. I was always surprised to see my knitter friends tuck their project in their purse or tote without a bag to held all the materials together . I always asked and worried if their yarn will get twist together or loose a stitch or two from the needles.

Forest Hill Embroidery Pattern + knit bag making sewing Pattern. 

-5 different tracing embroidery pattern methods within the pattern
-A full page of Instruction sheet of each artwork's DMS number, floss usage, stitch usage
-Full scale of Forest Hill Embroidery outline artwork and a reversed version.
- Illustrations of 7 different embroidery stitches
- Full colored photos of how to make a Knit bag

- The embroidery artwork fits in one 8" embroidery hoop
- 1/2 yard of loose linen or cotton fabric

- DMC embroidery flosses 
- Embroidery needles
- A small safty pin
- Water soluble pen

- Small scissors 

Now, you can find the pattern via my {Craftsy Pattern Store} and {Etsy shop}


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  1. Beautiful Chase, I love the colour palette and the floating leaves.

  2. what a beautiful pattern.. and those bag is so cute

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