Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Good Afternoon


As I sit down this morning to write the post. I realized that soon will need to turn another calendar page; March.  I have been under the weather most of the time in February, big and small. It was probably after a trip I took to the city a few weeks back and didn't dress up warm enough that day. It might had been a flu or just a cold! I didn't pay much attention until I kept running a stream of headache in the mornings as I wake up and later afternoon fevers.  I have not been making a decent meal after that. Mostly just take what we have then heat up and there were some carry outs from our local Hong Kong Style Restaurant.  Last two days, I have finally not getting a single headache and fever and started feeling some good strength back!

Last night, I made a banana cream pie for today and I'll soon making the pie crust after writing the post. We'll do a chicken pot pie for dinner today! It will be so nice that finally a homemade meal and decent meal time together; sit, eat and visit!

Good Afternoons-
I like to say that I am mostly productive during good afternoons this month. I had some good finishes during good afternoons; Illustrator editing, patchworking, responding emails, card making, writing and reading books. Most of the time,  the workroom is warmer during the afternoon hours and I could be in the space that I am feeling warm and get into productive mode! Indeed the little space heater helps!

New Book-
It has been maybe 3 or 4 years since I bough a new pastry magazine. I always like to check out one during the Christmas seasons, but I didn't run into one for awhile.  The new {cake and pie} magazine that I found at the book store last Saturday was perfect; cake + pie. As I walked around the magazine stands and checking out everything, from Cook for two people, Cast iron meal, Pasta making...etc. I spotted the cake and pie title and started reading it. Gosh! I need to have it! I especially love the way how they garnish the cake with fresh fruits. I am looking forward to make chocolate caramel tart after we finish the banana pie. Um.. they also have a couple bundt cakes there, my favorite kind of cake.

Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Blocks-
After seeing my dear friend, Kerry aka {verykerryberry}'s Farmer's Wife Quilt finish. I am anxious to get my 99 blocks out and get the quilt top piecing going ! Yesterday afternoon, I finished 8 half triangle blocks from the book {double Yay-Yay}! I managed to print out the paper piecing patterns a few days ago then spent another day maybe 20 minutes to cut off the templates then another good afternoon pick out the fabrics. Have precut all the paper piecing pieces; step by step. Now I look forward a good afternoon start cutting the triangles for making blocks into rows. It will be a truly  sampler quilt to have as I always though I'd make a large sampler quilt someday! Without Kerry's quilt along it wouldn't be happening! Thanks, Kerry for hosing the {quilt along}!

Scrappy Style Ocean Wave Quilt-
It has been pieced into a quilt top by now. The seams in the back are all nicely press and the raw edges of the quilt top has been basted to avoid lose threads. It is such a great accomplishment for me! As I looked back the photos first taken for this quilt making was in August 2016.  I've enjoyed every bit of this patchwork quilt making! Time was well spent during the process,  trimming {not my favorite part, but I learn to enjoy it}, piecing and ironing.  Most importantly is using what I have in the stashes! It has been nice that some of these fabrics are being utilized and put in good use!  I'll save the full quilt view for another post with a simple tutorial for you. Maybe you'll like to make a scrappy style Ocean Wave Quilt.  Stay turn! 

mini Patchwork Sampler
It has been a nice journey to finish up the pattern. I have always done a bit more testing on my side before send to the pattern testers. In that, I am knowing my patterns and can be clear on each step and find the best way to approach in the pattern writing. The goal as a pattern designer is when you are reading the pattern it seems/ sounds that I am just right next to you and walk you through each step. I am excited to see some really cute patchwork blocks over Instagram last few days and the positive feedbacks for the pattern. {Thank You}.

Next Quilt- 
There is always a quilt that I like to make. Maybe last couple of years, I started to slow down in quilt making. I have accomplished 2 quilts a year, the most maybe 3. I found myself particular like quilt that involved with longer process and seeing time that have been accumulated through out the patchwork blocks. Mostly the process is more important than the outcome! It is like building a time passage into something to keep. I always like to pull out {the quilt} that I made for myself for my 34th birthday, gosh that sounded young to me now.  That was the first time that I made a quilt for myself! The colors that draw me in the most at the time and it took a lot of steps to make a quilt block. Also I hand quilted it and it is my quilt! I didn't really like to share this quilt with anyone, but myself! There are a few places needed to be repaired and the colors are fade throughout washes. I though I'd make next quilt for myself! It might be another long quilt making process, but I am looking forward a quilt for myself again.




  1. Just scrolling through your photos is so lovely - reminds me of leisurely Sunday afternoons where your time is your own to do anything you want to do. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well and am glad that you are on the mend.

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  2. So lovely to hear from you. I love your photographs and your sewing/quilting. Keep it coming.

  3. I love your blog! I am so behind on IG!! I just cant keep up, and be present and productive in my day to day routines! I enjoy coming here, and seeing all your pretty pictures and especially reading your words..You are such a lovely friend! I cant wait to see the cakes :) I have embarked on a vegetarian style diet, and I am enjoying many new dishes which is making it more fun to cook!!! Have a great week Chase!!

  4. love your cards and photos in this post, Can't believe your little girl is coming 13!


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