Wednesday, February 15, 2017

mini Patchwork Sampler Pattern

Hello! I am thrilled to introduce my newest sewing pattern today, {mini Patchwork Sampler Pattern}. I have been work on this pattern since 2014 shortly after we moved into our first home in Iowa. The idea of fill in our first steady home with mini quilts and handmade touches by myself. I played with fabrics, colors, the scales and layouts in different mini quilts; here and here back in 2014. 

This mini Patchwork Sampler Pattern is truly inspired from the classical quilt blocks from my early quilting influences and love of making small scale works with small hand stitches. 

One of the major focus I have on desiging this mini Patchwork Sampler is the scale of each patchwork block. When I started design this sampler, I knew it has to be something small, allows to play with fabric scraps, fun, and great time management.

Each block unfinished at 5"x5" and finished 4.5"x4.5". Each patchwork block also works great for incorporate into other projects; bags, small coasters, quilt labels, and unlimited possibilities.

By time management, I meant the sampler will  turn out to be a satisfy mini quilt that can be accomplish and enjoy in a timely manner; mini! The fabrics requirement is what you have already in your scraps and stashes.

Let me talk a little bit about the scarps usage for this mini Patchwork Sampler. The biggest scrap size you need is 3"x3" and the smallest scraps size is 1.25"x1.25" for this sampler pattern. It is quite easy to go to scrap basket(s) and find these sizes and sizes in between.

my little tip on scraps sorting- 
I've always sorted my scraps by colors; blue, red, yellow, pin, brown.. so on. Then within each color I sort them by sizes. I don't go over the board on exact sizes matching. Any scraps that's larger than 3" goes in one pile and anything smaller than that stays. Any scraps that still allows me to fold in half (8" or bigger) likely they will be set back with fat quarters and fat eighths.  If there are strips of scraps likely sort them together and yes by colors.  From time to time, I cut them into 1.5"x1.5" or 2"x2" or simple patchwork projects.

I made four mini Patchwork Samplers during the designing process and two have made into the final photograph stage.  The first mini Patchwork Sampler is work from solid fabrics {above} that used from {DS Modern Solid}. I focus on colors arrangement and was looking after modern twists and lustrous hue in a simplicity outcome. The crispy and fresh colors obtained a nice clean and delicate look.  

The second mini Patchwork Sampler is focus on using scraps that I have collected over the years. Some printed fabrics were last bit of what I have and they were just perfect  for this sampler project; I used all scraps only for this scrappy style patchwork sampler, as well as the binding. 

There are modern twists and elements have designed into this mini Patchwork Sampler. I work with the patchwork block layouts and as well as considered colors elements into this mini quilt. The Ohio Star is a fun twist where you could see that star ray's layout in a different rotation; light and dark.

This is a skill builder pattern. There are 12 patchwork blocks in this mini Patchwork Sampler Pattern. From the simple straight-line sewing to making half square triangles then to basic paper piecing blocks; no Y seams invloved. If you are new to quilt making this is a great projects to start for a mini quilt expereince and for experienced quilters this would be a perfect aside projects to use your scraps baskets. 

 I have designed and illustrated two quilt labels for the pattern.  You can use in the back of the mini sampler or other quilts or project you have. Over the years, I have learned the importance of making a label in a quilt. It is not necessary for having a big message in the back, but a date, name of the maker, and simple descriptions in the back for years to come.

As always, I finished the mini quilts with hand-quilting method. You can find {hand quilting tutorial} that I wrote in the past.  I truly enjoy and compassion about small detail, elegant, and handmade touch of any handmade works. You may use machine quilting as desired.

You can find the mini Patchwork Sampler Pattern via my {Etsy shop} and {Crafty Store}.

About the Pattern-

-This pattern comes with 21 pages in PDF formate. You'll need Adobe Reader to open the PDF file and it is free download from {Adobe Reader}.

-Each patchwork block is illustrated and given specifications of each measurement.

-Each patchwork block comes with clear illustrated diagrams.

-Step by Step photos on assembling and the layout arrangements.

-Sewing tips are fully illustrated in colored diagrams.

-Paper piecing blocks are given in clear instructions.  You'll need basic paper piecing knowledge to make the paper piecing blocks. The instruction is very specific and straightforward and not a Y seams involved in the piecing.

- Two original designed and illustrated quilt labels are included in the pattern.

- The mini Patchwork Sampler finished at 17"x22.5"

{Thank You} for your encouragements and enthusiasm coming here to read about my patchwork journey. I am beyond honored that you have purchased patterns and felt in love with it. Your kindly responds are really special to me.



  1. Chase, it's beautiful! I especially love the one you made with special scraps!

  2. This is beautiful Chase!!! I love your samples, and also saw Jackie (@chloeandme) posted her blocks on IG!!! Such a pretty little mini!

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    1/4" Mark: Mini Patchwork Sampler Pattern >>>>> Download Full

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