Friday, March 3, 2017

Ocean Wave Quilt in Scrappy Style + quick tutorial

It surely feels great when the last seam allowance was press and quilt top carefully iron out before fold up for photo day! This quilt might had been the quilt that I spent most hours and making good square trimmings. Gosh, it is ready to being quilted, any day now!  I also wrote a quick tutorial for you, if you would like to make one! 

There are total of 30 large Patchwork Blocks to make this quilt top. So the layout is 5x6. It is a closed to a queen size quilt and barely fit to the living room floor here.    

I chose using versatile and bold prints for the darker value prints; 80% of the prints are used from {Suzuko Koseki} prints, one of my favorite Japanese textile designer. The other 20% of the prints are used from last bit of older prints that have saved from years of sewing and also added a few new prints that I purchased earlier this year.

For the low value prints, I used 50% of Kona Snow (from Robert Kaufman) and low value prints that has smaller scale prints on. So, it gives some nice contrast as a whole.

The challengs of making this quilt I'd say were the time, patience, and determination. 

Time: This quilt started August 2016, but really started cutting and making efforts of making was last October. When the weather was cooler and I was able to stay time in the workroom for longer hours. Soon after that, it became a Snow Day project! It was just that perfect for the Snow Day, slow process. I was able to keep on sewing and making more HSTs during snow days.

Patience:  In the earlier quilting years, it seemed so important to start a quilt on the weekend and finish it on following weekend. Oh, it was surely fun and lots sacrifices, too! Lack of sleeps because I was young, quick dinner meals because mama has to get back to finish the quilt and poorly assemble/sewing jobs after all, live and learn!

This quilt really made me to take time to process every little step of making. Carefully cutting squares (good squares), accurate 1/4" seam allowance sewing ( it is very important if it calls that for seam allowance), HSTs (half square triangles) trimming is so time consuming (good trimming brings happy dance when it comes assembling). Matching seam allowance sewing ( for nice nice triangles outlook).

I preferred making small amount of cutting at a time for making a quilt, so I won't overwhelmed myself. I also do step by step job; cutting in one day, sewing in one day, pressing seams in one day, trimming in one day. Assembling in another day. It makes easier for me and allows me to work on other projects as well.

Determination:  This is probably the most challenge aspect in quilting for me over the years! That result many W.I.P ( work in progress) quilts, unfinished quilt tops, distract to new directions then end with many fabrics that might not work for the new projects over the time.

When I first started the idea of making an ocean wave quilt, just a few block to start with. I didn't plan on if I'd make a full version of it. I actually had plan on making a mini quilt instead. Then I though if I scale up wouldn't that be so fun? I knew the challenges that I mentioned (time, patience, determination) would come to me. Then I started to organized how can I make the quilt without feeling overwhelmed.  I planned once a week I would work on this quilt and little by little the time it will come together; step by step.

I wasn't going to give up making this quilt, but maybe impatience towards to the end; honest talk!

The assembling came really quick and probably is another favorite step in quilting for me. Especially when the seams are nicely match together!

I stopped working on the sewing when it is time ( dinner time, rest time, off accuracy moments). I took finished Patchwork Blocks to the ironing board then start press seams in the back. Sometimes, I have 3 large Patchwork Blocks finished for the day, sometimes 5, and sometimes just one! Never too little to call for a good accomplishment for the day!

The most pretty and surprise of the quilt is the pixelate look for the entire quilt. The versatile colors and the low values are nicely pieced together!

The last 7 Large Patchwork Blocks were harder to finish up. I ran out HSTs, a few hundred of them. Then I stepped away for a few weeks before started pulling out fabrics and repeated cutting, sewing, trimming, and pressing. I found good joy for the repetitive making process because it will be a worth all after it is all put together and use!

Unlike the other Ocean Wave Quilt that used flipped corners, I went with squares and HSTs process. Which means extra time and extra steps, but wroth every bit of that! 

Here is a quick and simple tutorial for you! You can decided on the color themes, making a big or small quilt. A mini quilt sounds really good to make! I'd make four patchwork units for a mini quilt, so that finished at 16"x16", fairly nice size for a quilt.  

You can download the quick tutorial images from the blog post and print it out!

If you make one, please tag me over on Instagram. I love see your scrappy style ocean wave quilt!  




  1. Wow! You have created a very beautiful quilt. I love it!

  2. What a beauty, Chase. Everything about this quilt top is absolutely stunning!!! Well done.

  3. beautiful quilt, Chase.. such a great idea for using all scraps I have but making queen size ? you are such a brave girl.. :)

  4. So beautiful! I really want to sew one of these ocean waves since many years and i'm thinking of the determination i need now as you are telling in this story of patch. I love so much to read you; (so i can practice my english langage).Bonne journée.

  5. With beautiful results like this, the time to cut and sew is well worth it.

  6. It's a very beautiful quilt, and I enjoyed reading how you worked on it.

  7. Such a pretty quilt! I would love to make one, in fact, I have made a copy of your tutorial. This could be something I can work on little bits at a time. Thank you so much for sharing your quilt!

  8. My Sizzix would cut the time WAY down on this quilt. Cuts 2.5" HSTs precisely with no dog ears. I may try this. Thank you. It is beautiful.

  9. Chase, your Ocean Waves quilt is so beautiful! I love how you broke the process down into manageable steps for the making of such an intensive patchwork quilt. Your results speak for themselves - definitely worth all your time, patience and determination as well as being an amazing testament to your skills. Thank you also, for sharing a tutorial for this gorgeous quilt.

  10. Thank you so much! I have printed out your pattern, do not know when I will be using it (sooo many other projects that ask for my attention right now) but when I do I will of course credit you. Thank you also for the tutorial, very helpful.


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