Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Full Swing

After I hopped off the bus, I went to a Hong Kong style bakery and ordered an egg tart and a cup of coffee milk tea before starting the grocery shopping. It was warm and festive inside the bakery, I saw many folks were wearing in red that symbolized good luck and happiness. Oh, I am the same jeans and hoodie. I managed to get home a little past noon hours and started prepare for dinner right away. I had to look up (actually called ma) on how to prepare a fish dish and yay for a delicious turn out!

The weekend was busy with a quick trip to Brooklyn to visit relatives for this special holiday. I managed knitted a few more rows of the scarf on the way there. I did rip the scarf off and tried on the number 5 needle this time. I have been carefully checking each row after I knitted and practice does make improvements and much satisfied with the outcome so far!

Last few nights, I have been hand binding off the birthday quilt on the daybed. It feels really great that it is ready now and that mark the 7th birthday quilts for S. I know it will be another few weeks/months before I start looking into this year's birthday quilt making.  I'll pull out some colors from the stash first and give myself sometimes to decide on the quilt designs. It will probably a closed to queen size quilt as S has gotten so tall since we moved and possible upgrade to a full size mattress soon.  I am a little nervous, can you tell?  I am getting emotional distract lately a lot more as I see her changes, grows, and hard on seeking the new self.  I'll always appreciate and continue to learn be a better mom (happy tears)!

I have felt so hearted with snow day this year! Snowy day seems like a perfect day for getting the Ocean Wave Quilt out. I made another 5 large blocks and that made 23/30 blocks (yay) so far!   I ordered the backing fabrics in a flash sale Monday night and have the binding fabric pick up as well. I look forward another good snowy day here to finish up the last 7 blocks. The assembling the quilt top will be a big job as it is a queen size quilt to handle and the living floor might not be big enough to have all 30 blocks layout, double trouble!

Meanwhile, I look forward putting the new quilt on this week...




  1. You have created such a beautiful place here in blog-land, it's so lovely here. Beautiful quilts, perfectly stitched and simply stunning:)

  2. why I never get bored reading your story? SIMPLICITY !!!! that's it... the simple story you put, the more interesting can be :) have a wonderful day, Chase..


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