Wednesday, December 28, 2016


We had really quiet holiday this year. S was running a high fever for a few days then she slept in most of the time. She managed to have breakfast on the Christmas day, but then too sick for rest of the events. I managed to take holiday walk at nights while the temperature was nice.  I walked maybe three Avenues and few street down in our neighborhood.  Oh, can I tell you that I am a little disappointed?

For so many years living in Midwest, holiday time is always so festive! Lights in neighborhood after neighborhood, trees by the windows and snowman in front of the houses, if we get a winter storm before the holiday and we have so many holiday drivers! I always love being one of the holiday drivers during the holiday season!

I finished up another mini pouch while being late in the workroom last few nights. I love how the little girl dressed up in such cute outfit (from the sketch)! Her scarf is something that I wish to knit for myself one day! The pouch is made with 100% linen and so lovely to embroidery on!  I have been into linen for embroidery lately. It is just soft and nice in touch.

The appliqué block before I left for the oversea trip is finished! When I first made it I had planned to frame the piece! I have been looking for the right frame for awhile and found it in IKEA last week. The frame size is a 9"x9" and just perfect for the 7" circle appliqué.  I am pleased how it turns out and it is now in the workroom among many other things together!

These days in December is quite different than others.  It is alright to tell you that I miss the Midwest winter; winter coat, snow boots, freezing pipes, icicles, snow on the ground, shoveling and friends that meet regular at the local cafe. These gloomy winter days are so easy to get me down!

Deep breath and I am alright! I still put on the winter coat when I ride on the metro bus and keep the snow boots in the box these days. The freezing pipes and icicles are in the photos that were taken from the years of living in Midwest and was being view more than dozen last couple days. There's a  good chance of snow tomorrow, so I crossed my fingers for some! I still have coffee with friends, but these days we do it over FaceTime

and I am thankful!

Flipping through the planner. I see that I was being so productive and fulfilled most of the year!
I celebrated the moment with time to sew, time in the music lessons, time when received a card from a thoughtful friend, time that cooked for friends who came down to visit and time that actually wasn't all that perfect!  

Until then...

Best to you!




  1. Poor Stella, hope she is doing well for a new year celebration in NY for the first time after leave Midwest, and you too dear .. hope everything always fine . Always loves your crafts..

  2. I hope you will have a great 2017. I love the tulips in the frame. It is so pretty and the frame is perfect. So sorry to hear that "S" was not feeling well. I hope she is doing better by now. Enjoy your time together. Happy New Year. I live outside of Chicago, and trust me, it has been a very different winter here so far. Do enjoy the Christmas lights!!


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