Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope this post found you happy and filled with new goals to accomplish for the new year! On the New Year day, I edited the blog header and wanted to bring some colors into this blog (when you arrive here with some good smiles). 

Before rung the 2017 bell, I took a trip into the city. I explored a few new garment stores to me with a friend. It is going to be the day that I will always cherish and remember! My friend took me to explore a new fabric store to me, Grayline linen, such a beautiful store! The most impressive about the store is that it only has linens! I had wished to get some linen that reminded me so much of countryside of France, red strips, blue strips and simple design.  Maybe next trip when I am there!

As the new year approach I have been thinking what would be a new goal for me. Every year, I try to eat healthier, drink less coffee, eat less sugar products and maybe try to walk a block or two to get  some exercise.  That was all the good goals to achieve and I was able to accomplish most, but not all.

This year...

I would like to take a depth of learn about myself! Last few years have been quite a challenging in ways that have pushed and allowed me grew into a better person. But yet, still finding challenging because I seem haven't find that true self to be more promising, more aware, and looking into depth of appreciation in life and be a better listener and better mom.

It seems not as hard as it is, but it is!  Life is often far from perfect and beautiful and I often feel sentimental thinking about how the next step would be. I try keep moving forward to a better and positive direction as I face new challenges and take a new step forward. Setting up new goals; small and big. There still some of the days that little things affect me and let down a little, but I like to keep my chin up as possible these days.

It might be funny and someday that I'd laugh at myself that how it has taken me so long to see and realize that learning about myself is such a silly goal, but this year is a bigger goal for me and I like to stay on it.

Look back the year, I am humbled by the support of friends and family. I would like to find one small things and gratitude in the day to be thankful.  I also like to make more compliments to one and other. I don't think I have made my effort enough and I truely believe paying a sincere compliment feels even better than receiving one.  I am trying.

For this new year...

I sincerely hope you find your new goals to achieve, even taking time off to stitch or read! I found it is so important that I have moments or time to myself.  It helps to stretch out the day and perhaps relax some!

I  would like to knit one scarf or even learn to crochet. I've done both in the past, but didn't seem find myself into it. I have some nice yarns that purchased and given to me when still lived in ND (nearly 4 years ago) then still untouched and one missing needle during moves.  I though crochet seems simple, but it is not, I believed it is more counting, but they would be good skills to learn and review.  I dream of someday I'll be posting a pair of knitted wooly socks to you! wish me best luck! 

This year,  I plan to experiment more linens in sewing and designs. I was humbled by the messages and feedbacks from the knit bags' receivers how much they have loved the soft and elegant of the bags. It would be a new journey for me. I have started experiment it and really enjoy and felt in love with the outcome! 

Big news:
In a week, I'll be reveling a newest sewing pattern. It has been a wonderful time developing and putting the pattern together since last late Fall and there's a story behind this new sewing pattern.  I am sure you are not surprised that I used linen for the sewing and it turns out elegant and classic! I will be finalizing the blog writing next few days and following up the news!

I wish you a Happy New Year! You've enjoyed your time during this holiday season with family and friends. I would love to finish S' 12th birthday quilt  (quilt top and quilt back all ready to go) and start the 13th birthday quilt! It is a little crazy to think that... soon, I'll have a teen in the house...




  1. Happy New Year Chase, Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always.
    Glad you meet friend to go shopping around, and seem like you are in the right place .. surrounding by many nice close fabric stores (I might see that is a trouble for me since I make new year resolution not to buy new fabrics LOL

  2. Hope you have a wonderful year. I look forward to seeing more beautiful work from you. The drawstring stitched bag today is lovely. So simple and elegant at the same time. You have a lovely touch with fabric and embroidery.

  3. Happy New Year Chase! I enjoy reading your words so much. I feel so similar. Last year was VERY difficult. I became VERY sad..dissapointed..and felt a little hopeless. However, I realize, I CANNOT do that..I must continue to be the VERY best version of myself. To become more self aware is a wonderful goal. I hope to listen more, speak less..and offer every kindness that I can. Hugs to you and Miss S!


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