Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice

It seems like the winter solstice came earlier this year! I was reminded by the planner and ma last night. Growing up, on the first day of winter ma always made Tangyuan {sticky rice balls} dessert in the early morning then before school we all get to take a scoop of Tangyuan in our own bowl then after finished the dessert it means we get one year older! I tried to keep this tradition and plan to make some later in the day. That might just reminded me I'll be another year older soon {smile}! 

I get to finished the {patchwork jojo pouch} the other night! This pouch is used swatch linens that I got from my trips to Mood a while ago. It turned out really soft and simple! It was lined with cotton and linen blended fabric. It is super roomy and fits all the pens now. 

Last night, I creamed the sugar and butter together then added all the dried ingredients for the sugar cookies. I always added extra 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to make cookie crispy or you might add cream of tart tart as well then let the batter set over night! I was up quiet early this morning then started baking and getting them ready before I return to the workroom!  The apartment still smells so sweet and buttery as I am typing at this moment!  The almond bar cookies are also sitting on the table and waiting the icing to dry before I can store in the containers. 

Little by little! 

I've getting many requests over the time on the paper piecing patterns that were designed in the past and wondered if there's a better way to download them. I have added to my pattern store in Craftsy and now you can now download them from my {craftsy}. Enjoy the little horse and pumpkin patterns! I really have great time making them!  

Have a happy holiday! 




  1. I too am baking by bits at a time. Your posts always leave me with such a good feeling. Have a jolly Christmas.

  2. that is a pretty drawing ever :) Chase, thank you for sending me Christmas card.. its a beautiful card and lovely handwriting too ..


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