Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December making!

{Thank You} for the heartwarming welcomes! So nice of you check in from time to time! I think blogging space is a place that we stop by from time to time! I have a few favorite blogs to stop by and often time filled in encouragements, motivations, and being inspired from them, do you?

For the first time, I have wrapped the holiday gifts and placed them under the tree. This year, I went with very practical and simple gift ideas. That will leave me a little time extra time to make small handmade gifts ( check off few ornaments from the list). I also would like to make an apron to wear while cooking in the new kitchen. This is the first time I ever though of making an apron for myself.  The truth for that is most of shirts I wear have been burn with little holes and in the very similar pots. It actually took me a little while to realize I have been wearing little holes in shirts around. It must be the way I use the gas stove top these days, too close!

Each year, it seems that my wish list is getting down to one or two items. This year, I would really like to find a cake stand that comes with a dome, so I am not using not clear wrap so often. The second wish from the list that I have already got and opened is a 2017 planner. It always excites me with brand new pages to write on and clean cover to start with. My 2016 planner is full with stories and days of moments. Likely lots drawings and positive/ encourage phases that I heard or read from someone/ somewhere.

Over the weekend, I did a bit of chain piecing for the new quilt then rotary cut before call it a day! This quilt will be close to a queen size quilt.  The quilt math turns out it needs 30 blocks together to make a queen; it will be a 5x6 layout. It is a quilt that sometimes I had a moment, why I even start this quilt? But look,  it is slowly growing! I should keep it up and add a few blocks a month. Now, I look back the progress along this new quilt; it is amazing how the moments of why I did this became I am glad I did push myself {smile}! I will wait for another week to start press the half triangle squares then onto trimming. Also a note to myself, needs two yards of Kona snow white.

You won't believe how much I love making this pound cake! Do you know that bundt cake pan was 50 cents thrift store found? It is so light in weight and I trust it so much! I have been gifted so many fancy bundt cake pans over last few Christmas and birthdays, but this one is absolute my favorite. It always needs butter and flour inside nicely before pouring the batter in, but it bakes so well!  The cake goes so well with tea, coffee, and hot coco! I actually like to set my cakes at the bottom second rake, so it gets a little brown and the inside still keep pretty moist {save the cake crust for last}.

In the meantime, I have been back working in the workroom (that feels content), working on new projects (very satisfy) and getting things orgnaized (finally can find things without wondering around too long). Then I did finally found last two missing boxes that actually were both marked, don't open outside of the boxes in the workroom. So now that completed 25 boxes for the studio packed boxes (so glad). It was such a relive knowing I didn't leave anything behind.




  1. I love seeing the new quilt. So happy to hear you are doing well in your new home. Thank you so much for blogging. Your blog is definitely an inspiration to me and gives me courage. Have a Happy Holiday!

  2. Hi Chase,
    Sweet post. I love your quilt and the Santa!

  3. So enjoyed reading your post! Your pictures are so soothing and inspiring. So true that just doing a little along and someday there will be a finished quilt! Is that Ocean Waves? Now I want to make a Bundt cake! Wishing you many happy day this winter in your inviting home.

    1. Hi Ruthie,

      It is a Ocean Waves Quilt pattern that I found in one of Japanese magazine that I subscribed a few years ago.
      Enjoy your bundt cake if you get the change to make one!


  4. It looks so cozy at your home - baking, quilt and projects, holiday decor! Enjoy this lovely season at your new place. That pound cake looks delicious!

  5. So nice to see you back! You are one very talented lady! Hope you have wonderful holidays!

  6. So happy to see you are settling in and doing things that you love, Chase! It is always so inspiring and welcoming, when I visit your blog. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life with us. Happy making and have a piece of Bundt cake with tea, just for me. ;o)

    1. Hi Katherine,

      You are so welcome for bundt cake and tea here! Have a lovely day!



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