Friday, April 8, 2016


Not much has been moved forward since last post. My few days return became another two weeks return. It feels like so queer and upside down! It has been really unreasonable busy to tidy up our home since March. Everyday, I pulled out a box and look into what is it inside then would take long time to decide if it stays or goes away and it almost repeated for the whole March then first part of April! I sent a box home with my friend who lived cross town; lots fabrics and tools for her to play with. Then few more trips to donation center for clothes and items that have not been worn or used for last 5 years. It was taught decision because they have been moved around with us all these time and my heart, hurts (however, I ended up kept all the Pyrex dishes, simply they are part of old time treasure hunts)! 

Finally, the house is all tidy up and ready!  This week, the selling house contract has been signed and we have started to prepare for our next new journey to come! We are uncertain about this upcoming changes and taking it very carefully and slow. This is part of the reason that I have been so quiet this year. So much sorting to go through and not enough time to do what I love!  There were times between sorting and tidy break times, so a few hand stitch was nice and making the nights a little longer and listening to the machine stitch sounds was lovely and i love that! 

It feels like I have just returned from a roller coaster ride and slightly feeling it is alright to take a rest now! I have accidentally stepped into emotional stages many times  a few times  then was able to step out quickly.  I am not able to write all this down now, simply it is nice to just let things float into each step and let things take their part! Maybe when all is settle down again...

The April goals are to fulfilled all the promises that were made in last few posts and will post them periodically. I will be alike Sunday drives once there are house showing appointments made.
Thank you for being so patient with me.  

Meanwhile, fingers crossed...



  1. Sorting and cleaning house to get ready for a move is an emotional roller coaster. We've been there many times. I'm proud of you! Wishing you all the best with this new chapter!

  2. wishing you a good luck with your new journey my friend :)

  3. Very nice flower application, love it!


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