Thursday, April 14, 2016


Do you like the little change of the logo that I made? Back in February, I took a graphic design job and worked with an oversea company. After the project was done, I went ahead and work on the quarter inch mark new logo. It took a few weeks and couple pages of sketches. It was surely a fun experiences that conferencing during midnight and getting back to the design jobs.  

Oh, I have lots promises to fill still, but here we go! 

The Light Box: 
It is such an inexpensive spending for me to make this light box! The battery operated light was found in the hardware store and cost around 6 dollars. It has 4 double A battery. I placed it under the placement of the sewing machine then lay on a plastic acrylic sheet {also can be found in the hard ware store}. I keep the space pretty dark and the result is very nice! Shortly after finish tracing. I can put everything back! You can simply find a box that's stable and will work the same! Hope this little tip help out!  

Kale Chip
The newest kale chip batch was the most delicious one that I have had made! Here is a little newest tip that i like to share. Preheat oven at 400; at the time, assumed the Kale has been washed, dry with towel and tear in the smaller pieces. Toss with olive oil and salt. A great way to make sure all the nicely coated is toss them by hands. Place the Kale into the oven the set the timing to 10 minutes. In between time, gently use the spatula stir up the kale. Once the timer comes up, check in the Kale, it needs to be dark green, if still hear the sizzle sound, set another 5 minutes. Then turn the oven off after the last timer setting. I let the kale set in the over for other 5 minutes. So it actually is 20 minutes. 

Plain Scone: 
Still in search! 

It was a much need to make a big tote to carry things around. Something really simple, no pockets and zippers. Sometimes, I just preferred totes without zippers and pockets, since I carried so many little pouches. It seems just nice to bring out the pouch out instead of looking things in the pockets!  I might be the person who carries lots pouches with or maybe you are the same {smile}!  The tote is so simple. it is finished at 18"x16"x 4", just a nice size for me. The first one was made with two side handles,which allows a little privacy and the second one was made with one large cotton swab and I just love how the second one turned out. I added a little extra fancy leather embellishment and hardware on the second tote.  

The long hoard collected County Fair prints {in home decor weight} finally are being used! Both tote was lined with linen without cotton batting. It is super light and perfect for all the pouches and me!  I laughed at myself, why I waited so long? Indeed, I'll make the third one with much similar and simple design! Then I think fourth one... maybe?  

I get a little carry away with life sometimes, but learning to focus and find time for myself. The FW blocks are 81/99 and the challenge for myself is finish all 99 blocks by the end of the month. The last 18 blocks are actually slightly complex compared to 71-80, but I love how I've polished up the machine paper piecing skills and managed to find a great way to approach the not so wasteful precut fabrics! 

Finally, I am getting back to Glitter quilt! Oh.. There are four Y seams to accomplish for one block! I walked away after I made 4 blocks a few months back. It really required perfect cutting and perfect 1/4" seam sewing. I debated if I should order acrylic templates then I did! It has been such helpful tools with perfect cutting and nice dot placement for 1/4" seam. All the blocks turns out pretty nicely together! 

With two new totes, I think I need few more new pouches, what do you think? 



  1. Great post about cooking, sewing and making do! Love all your tips. I will be sure to try those kale chips. ;)

  2. Lovely photos and thanks for the information on the templates. I've been wanting to make Glitter for a while now and just ordered the templates!


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