Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring bee!

So many lists got postponed as we took a trip away the city. It was always great to see friends and their new family members. I brought a few little gifts for the kids; a double sided flannel for the newborn baby and a library tote for a little toddler! I didn't get to take photos as I made them the morning before we travelled! Something about gifting handmade gifts to special ones is priceless!

We walked around the downtown; stopped by the bakery and got a dozen of donut holes and a Long John filled with nuts, my absolute fav. of all donuts.   Then we stopped by the vintage store that I loved and found new feedsacks. I would love to find some more of greens or perhaps some browns! I always crossed my fingers before I walk in to the store.  That morning was just a perfect morning to out and about!

This week has been gloomy and rainy! Little sunshine peak in around 4p.m. then right away the clouds moved in then tarted showering again! I have been putting together simple meals for the dinners and was looking for a dish that has varies ingredient in one! My first attempt making a {quiche} this week was a pretty good turn out! I dashed a bit of salt and just grain fresh black pepper for the taste. Um.. I used 2 cups of swiss cheese instead of 1.5 cups. It is so cheesy and tasty! I let it set the full timer then turn off the oven and let it sit for another 8 minutes.  I always have a doubt about the freezer pie crust from the store, so I made the pie crust { 2 cups of flour, 1tsp salt,  2/3 cup plus 1 tsp shortening, 6 tbsp cold water }! No need to bake the pie crust, just fill in all the ingredients! yum!  

As I went along my to-do list; I also crossed off the clean and washed flower pots! I am taking them with me this time! It seems like I have been giving away all our greenery when we move away, but always had wished to bring them with! Our succulent plants are doing so well and so simple to take care! One of the miniature one has gotten 2 inches taller since March and is ready for a bigger pot now! Oh, a trip to nursery soon?!

The little floral appliqué block is finished! This is the last one for the quilt that have been in progress! Well, I thought this quilt would be mostly hand appliqué, but the last patchwork block is mostly paper piecing by machine and by hands. It is so true that the simple design actually is more complex in making! I took a long time to decide what would be the best method to completed the last block. Deciding the last fabric pull was also challenge. Repetitive prints that could bring the pieces cohesively together and indeed the feedsack is a little tricky around the edges for the paper piecing.

Oh, then few irregular errands occur this week. I have no idea that my mind still isn't quiet connected, so let's say one step a day! Spring bee is how I feel like lately; buzz.. buzz.. buzzzz..



  1. What fun buzzing you are doing!

  2. love how the applique flower just sunk right into the fabric


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