Friday, March 25, 2016

Blossom March


Do you love the hello sign that I found a couple weeks ago?  In the beginning of the March, I took two weeks off from studio and the {shop}. I decided to put good efforts to the house, finally! I learned how to professionally paint the walls without taping around edges and was up on a 16 feet ladder painting the walls. The first day, I had two shaking legs and one shaking hand that held a brush. Then other hand which was my left hand was holding way too tight on the ladder!  Um, if you'd ask me how the the edge of the walls turn out, I said not bad! The second day was better and the third day was even better!

After almost two years moved in the house, I am not as picky as I was first move in! I let go lots little things and though it could be done in a day! But turn out spent a good week to paint the walls, orgainze the boxes and adding up new fixtures and this and that.  The second week was looking for some greens and simple decorations for the living room. Also pull out some of quilts that friends sent me over the year. These friendships certainly made our home warm and cozy!

We did lots newish baking around here as well. I made some plain scones for the first time and it turned out a little too sweet and the dough didn't rise up which was a bit smaller than expected!  I've been thinking about making raspberry jams all winter long. It is so nice to go with English muffins and plain bread. If I ever get the perfect plain scone recipe, I'll share with you.

You know, I didn't think I'd be so productive in the month of March. It is one of the month that always feels so long and anxious to pass by! I continue pulled out more work in process projects and finish them like I mean to! Not stubborn this time....

The abandon Camelot blocks have been sitting around over two years now and I know they will never make into a quilt top! My coloring with fabric stash is changing and one of the block is not in the right scale. Oh.. all these self talk and dilemmas . So, finally I made the effort and transferred them into mini quilts! They turned out just perfect, i tell you! I almost think I could make the other 9 blocks after finished them and though have a wall of all sorts of minis around, but the true is they might be another w.i.p. sitting around. So, a better plan for the quilt is a must, such as making a block in a week or a block in two weeks? Also haven't settle the new color palette this time. So let me wait!

Hand-applique is the new obsession for me lately! It is something that I didn't take my time to learn when I first start to sewing. I have been getting great tips from other quilters and made some sample pieces before gone on the actual block. By the way, I even made a little light box! I will share with you next time! This is such a different and slower hand-sewing method, but I truly loving this process! I explored few more links on how to making stitches invisible { totally different kind of hand stitch} and make a better rounded up with corners with freezer paper.  It takes great effort and skills for all that perfection outcome, which I hope to achieve someday!  If you know and heard about Colonial Period quilts that is something I like to explore more in the future; this is the {book} will take you down to quilting history lane and a great read as well.

The afternoon is the time, I like sit around in the studio and pulling fabrics out for the appliqué blocks. It always take a long time! It always start as a big pull then do the adding and subtractive method when finalized the bundle. At night time, I try to finish the patchwork block if I could, but some nights are hard to push forward!

These new tulip buds are so new for me! I have been watching them daily! I discovered the flowers few nights ago and now would you like to take a guess of what color they are? and if any of you know if I could save them for next year? I probably the most excited person here; making observation each day and keep thinking I might be a great green thumb one day! {smile}

Today is another great accomplished day here! All the packages are posted included Lucky's package, a monthly trip to international market has made, and the house is all pick up, but let's skip the studio space! It is not qualify for neatness! It might need another rearrangement!

I have some new updates for the {shop} in next few days and a new update look for the blog soon. Then a update this and that next time when return here! I will share with you my little inexpensive light box and few more patchwork blocks! You can view the fabric bundles posting over IG... {on the right side of blog bar}.   Meanwhile, my goal is not to leave this space too long this time!