Saturday, June 21, 2014


This week we have had a few thunderstorm warnings/watches, so we've paid extra closed attention to the sky changes and weather reports. It is beautiful in most of the days and the animals near by the farmhouse is pretty lovely; lots crickets, birds, and cows "singing".  Indeed, it reminded me of my childhood summers spent in my grandparent's house; in the rural countryside. Where we used to pumping water out from the pumper, walking barefoot in the mud, running like no one is around, picking guavas from the neighbor's backyard, picking sticks making bird houses, playing house with Fifi.  There was a little creek ran by grandparent's house and we used to catch fish, crabs, shrimps there. Oh, I do miss that rural country house that I spent most of my summer time as a child. It has been great that S is able to experience the summer in the farmland and take her time to enjoy the outdoor.

Do you remember your very first quilt? Um, my very first "colored" quilt was made in 2007 summer. You might need to stand 3 feet away from the screen to view this quilt, it is not a perfectly made quilt. Back in 2007, I made a few red and white mother goose quilts then slowly I started purchased remnant fabrics from one of the quilt shop. You know back then, I didn't know how to read a quilt pattern or wanted to spend money buying quilt patterns. I simply just want to make a quilt and I did! I cut the small fabric collection that collected from the store and the thrift stores.  I think at the time, I was thinking a simple patchwork square quilt. Each square was cut into 2.5"x2.5" then sewn together in strips. Um.. then I quilted by myself without any knowledge of HOW to do it. I used the poly type of  batting;very stretchy because I didn't know about cotton batting at the time. The quilt top shifted during the quilting process, so did the backing piece. Few of the quilting lines are missed! It was machine binding and lots spot got missed, so there are repeat sewing lines on the binding. This quilt has been using to cover the seat in the back of the vehicle ever since then.  We loved how this quilt travel with us from place to place. I'd say it started looking like a quilt that passing down from family after years of wash and uses.

So, the stash that I pulled out for S' birthday quilt is ready! I have decided to go with another design. It will be a simple quilt for S to cuddle up then trying to make the quilt complex for her. She is starting loving things simple and maybe anything from this mama is great and will be loved! Yes, it is another over though quilt in my head for her.

Our thrift found lately have been fun! Last year before we moved away from ND. I decided to give up lots of the vintage sheets. Then when we go on thrift hunt this summer it is hard to pass by completed set and good condition vintage sheets. There are a few sets that I saved for bedding and a few sets for sewing.  It would be lovely to discover more this summer!

The sampler finished this week and I did the happy dance around here. I've started looking at some other patterns already, but haven't decided on the pattern. I do need to finish the "welcome" piece still, maybe next week.  It has been a nice project around here.  Do you have any idea how to frame it? I have been thinking using old picture frame for it. It might be easier than trying to have it custom frame.

I've been going through the fabric stash and reorganize them in colors. There are few prints are repeated; I must really liked the repeated pieces. It is nice to tidy up the space a little and getting ready for S' quilt cut, piece, and quilt! I've added a few more garment patterns into my notebook. I am so inspired by Kerry's aka {verykerryberry} garments making and all the lovely patterns that she uses. I might sew like an owl again very soon!

This weekending has been quiet around here. This morning, I have accomplished a few tasks around here. This afternoon will be sorting fabric, watching movie, drinking coffee, and making banana cream pie here. May you have a wonderful weekending, my friends~



  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, enjoy! CJ xx

  2. Have a wonderful weekend dear.. Those are pretty quilt, I've been thinking .. about makin quilt that I can drag here and there and just simply put into my car ... it must great can sit under the sun everywhere I go :) The trifty store found is amazing, right ? I found several pyrex dishes too .. it always worth every penny LOL

  3. I love that stack of fabrics S is holding, so pretty! I have so many cross stitching supplies/patterns in my closet, and your sampler makes me want to dig them out again. I usually frame my cross stitch pieces with a very simple frame, and no glass. I wrap the finished sampler around a piece of cardboard (I use tape to keep it in place, not very professional but it works for me) and insert it in the frame. Then I cut a piece of brown paper (like a paper grocery bag) to fit the back and cover everything, and glue it to the frame.
    Some online cross stitch shops have cute frames, even unfinished wood ones you can paint yourself. Have fun!

  4. Hi Chase! Beautiful post! I love this quilt with small squares and all your photos are fantastic! x Teje

  5. I love seeing your first quilt. It is perfect in my eyes

  6. It's so nice to see someone else's work space that looks exactly like mine!!


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