Monday, June 16, 2014

June Summer Days

Come on in, my friends... Yes, you've landed in {quarter inch mark}! In case you wondered, no sewing? no fabric here. I've taking a little sewing time off last two weeks. Do you cross stitch? I've just started it over this past weekending. I've always though I'd pick up stitching again and there was never a good timing to do so. Years ago, I used to make embroidered dish towels and sale them in the {shop} and local stores. At the time, there was not budget for fabric, sewing supplies, nor able to afford a sewing machine. I loved how DMC thread cost was inexpensive and the dish towels were were affortable in the local hardware store. Later on, as everything started running for us, I started patchworking, sewing, and stashing fabric. From time to time, I still embroider from S' drawings, but just skip the idea of making embroidered dish towels anymore.

This past weekending with helps from our dear friend, S and I learned how to count and cross stitching. It already became a loved "stitching" activity around here! For years, I've fancy a cross stitch sampler on a wall space and a little greeting sign "welcome" somewhere closed to the entry way. You know all the simple touches around the home.  While most of the sewing material are still packed up; start cross stitching has been a great for me. While S reads books I could sit by her quietly and work on the sampler. Indeed, I've missed count on two alphabets, can you tell?

June Summer has been pleasant in many ways. The weather has comfortable all week long until the summer storms arrived. The windows were open up during the days and the lights shine into the house each morning and bring much new energies to us! Our summer schedule has been running nicely daily; without much hiccup times between S and I. We have both agreed to manage this break like a summer camp. Beginning of the summer, we sat down and set a schedule for activities that we like to take part in. We each set small goals for what we like to accomplish before school starts for S this late summer. It seems like the older S gets the less detour we take!

I have started the next quilt last week. Indeed, it is S' belated Birthday quilt that I have postponed! She has been waiting nicely and perhaps will let this mama take her all the time she needs to dig in the fabric stashes. I did manage pull out 30 different prints, but haven't get the chance to finalized the fabrics that got pulled out. Indeed I have been procrastinating over the weekending about the pattern that I designed; allowed me to keep this quilt pattern unreveal for now. I am afraid I'll change it again in next few days.

For the second quilt idea is the quilt from Patchwork Tsushine June edition {the left quilt} in the photo. The scrappy quilt is always fun and personal! It will be for the living room space and probably will be cuddle up during the Friday movie nights. I'd say, it is going to be a quilt that will be use up the most once it is made and ready to be loved! I plan on a queen size, so we each can get a corner for the quilt.  I've start pulling fabric out as well, mainly blues, greens, yellows, and a little fuchsia.
Kona white would be the white for the sashing and adding some solid colors to cortinate some of busy prints.

While everything start falling together. I started to bake again! Yes, these scones are gone now! They are much appreciated here! The next sweet dish is {banana cream pie}! Have I mentioned that we missed the apple pie making last Fall, but I think a cool sweet dish for the June summer will make it up! The pie crust will be extra thicker, since we love it so much. I'll share with you how the pie turn out next time!

Oh, I have been keeping this secret for so long! Back in one May day morning, I received a phone call from the local Button Design committee. After a 5 minutes conversation, I was still surprised S won the Button contest. She spent a few nights to make the drawing. When she first received the design paper we did brainstorming together then off she hid herself in the room! The night before the submission date, S proudly presented her drawing to me and did you see herself portrait in the drawing? hint: the girl in blue shirt . Then follow that she had an interview from the local newspaper! This mama is very proud! Indeed so proud! Her drawing has been printed on the buttons for sale now. I will need to purchase some and send them to friends and families soon!

Onto the {mini quilt along}, we just finished our week 8 last Friday. We are getting closed to wrapped up our mini quilt along! It has been truly an amazing experiences to share and meet many quilters/sewers. I've wished that I could spend more time in the day to catch up all the blocks in the pool. Each day,  there are new blocks being upload in the pool and I am loving seeing so many ideas and colors every week! This fall, I plan on hosting another mini quilt along with a little twist. The plan has not been finalized, but I will start working on the details during the summer.  

The limited edition zippered pouches for the {shop}  has been updated. For the new pouches, I used one piece cloth to keep the large scale print and added the leather for the embellishment on the side of the pouch then added the copper domed rivets to make simple touch. I love how these prints turn out great with the zipper pouches. If you are looking for some simple style pouches you can find them in the {shop} now~

I can't really describe this summer cold that we've been fighting. It needs to end sooner or later for us. This caughting seems not quiet ready to leave us. I am not sure what to drink or eat to stop the late night sleep caught. I've been hearing S from the next door caught during the middle of the night and I am getting up to get water as well. Maybe another week will be better!

{THANK YOU} for all the sweet comment on {Fifi's quilt}. I will share your comments with her once she opens the box.  The package is still traveling since she hasn't mentioned to me it arrived this morning. Did I mentioned, I made Lucky, the pup two new patchwork mats? I didn't get the chance to take photos. Um, I'll ask Fifi to take photos while Lucky is on them.



  1. Love to see your new place through your lens, Chase - it's beautiful .. is that your new kitty ? he looks so handsome .. and the cross-stich project is look so pretty :) you have so much talent , wish we stay close and share story every day...

  2. Loving your photo montage. I love the one on your Fifi's quilt page too. So beautiful. I have dabbled in cross stitch a tiny bit over the years.

  3. Hello dear Chase! So nice pics! :) Your work in progress is so nice as usually :) Have a nice time! Jola

  4. Congratulations to Stella for the button contest. That is such great achiebvement. I'm sorry you are still sick. Msybe it is to the country life. I am suffering greatly from allergies now. I think it is because no rain in California makes everything dusty.


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