Friday, March 28, 2014


You probably don't know where I was three  four hours ago; I was in the school lunch room with S.  It is the last Friday of March and I've been sending some messages to S about how March is almost gone and I'd really would love to having a lunch date. Oh, yes! No promising, just a quick reply, Can you wait? Just wait?  Until this Tuesday, the initiation was sent to me and I waited a little longer! This morning, S reminded me I'd need to be there at noon, so I can wait at her classroom door.  Nothing really special about the food, but spending time with her at the lunch room and try to match her new friends' names and faces together. Also finding the students that she has mentioned that trouble her. Indeed, it made this last Friday of March special for me and hopefully for S as well.

The fabric I ordered has arrived and it is a little cream, but I simply love it. It is from French General and I really would like to get the same print in gray after seeing the print at my friend's quilt house. It is quiet nice, actually and also in the mulberry red.

All the reproduction prints are sort and I plan on adding some solid colors into the quilt as I am thinking it might help to separate the colors/pattern on the prints and allow the single girl rings have better color focus. It might be the reason that I am not determine to have this quilt cut and piece.

This Wednesday, I headed to my friend's quilt house and used her long-arm quilting machine and quilted the memory quilt. It is about 80"x90". All the sixteen-patch blocks are from my friend's father's shirts. Since I didn't get exact amount of fabric from each shirt. I decided use random layout and ended up having 31 blocks in 12"x12". I used 3 sixteen-patch blocks in the back for the backing.  After this quilt is done, I have so much appreciation to the long-arm quilters. It is not seem as easy as it show in the photos! Lots practices and lots energy for one quilt! This weekending is for basting around the quilt adding binding fabric and put in a great movie to finish this quilt. I, crossed my fingers that they will love it! Homespun fabric is hard to manage, but I really love the texture.

The lake opens wider within this week and the flocks are mostly gone to the north now. I miss the sounds they made at nights. It sounded like lots serious discussions and lots responds throughout the night. Now, we wake up with birds chirping and raindrops lightly drop on the rooftop. It is so fresh and nice! The air has mixed of mud and rain; very spring indeed.

More scraps for me to play this week! It keeps the table top and under table space neat. I've been cutting into some fabric that I been saved for long time and making small projects. I've always think I will run out that print and will never to find it again, but the true is I've always cut them so small and still have enough for next project and next next project.... For last two years, I have became a fat quarter buyers rather than yardage buyer. Are you? I still have varies prints in the yardage for making quilts, but the mind has set, save them.   Hope our next place would have many fabric shops, so I can actually pick out fabric in person rather than study them on the screen for hours.

{THANK YOU} for all the {Kin-Cha-Ku Sewing kit and pattern}. I've read all your messages and enthusiastic about this path and direction that we are heading! Oh, you all have made this journey special and supportive in many ways. Truly warm and supportive; I am wordless and my heart just full...

I shall return next week with an invitation to you and more... Tomorrow is {Earth Hour Day}, S and I are turning off our digital devices to respect the event and we also have an odd job that we are working together.

An early weekending post, instead...



  1. You have been busy. Earth Hour Day sounds wonderful. I do hope you both have a good weekend. CJ xx

  2. You have such pretty pictures, your quilting on the long arm looks lovely.

  3. what a great idea spending time at school with stella for lunch, I have no idea that we can request that .. :) You had a very busy days, dear .. wishing you well as always ... and have a wonderful weekend..

  4. My kit has arrived and today I am going to work on it. When I opened it last night, I had to finger all the fabric. So sweet. Your packaging is wonderfully presented. Thank you.

  5. As always I love reading your blog Chase. It's Mother's Day in Ireland today, so happy Mother's Day to you xxx


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